iPad Repairs Decomposition method, liquid crystal replacement, glass repair method, etc. are released!

How to disassemble and repair the iPad

The most common failure in the iPad is liquid crystal glass cracking on the surface, but it is a failure due to the fact that more than 80% of the total fell.
You can fix it at the lowest price if you disassemble it yourself and repair it, but as the decomposition difficulty level, I think that it is higher than the iPhone, so it is necessary to disassemble while carefulnot to break down than now!

If the screen is broken on the iPhone, the glass replacement that has been broken because there are many cases to replace each unit is easy compared to the iPad, but in the case of the iPad, repair may become very difficult depending on how the crack enters, It is recommended that you take the time to work slowly.
The tools that will always be needed when disassembling the iPad are drivers, spatula, heat guns (if there is no dryer, etc.), but you can buy them all at a relatively low price, so please prepare each one because I think that you can use it outside of the disassembly of the iPad!

When performing any structural repairs (no sound, uncharging, power, etc.) in the iPad, it is essential to remove the liquid crystal glass and touch panel on the surface.
Because it may become that the worst power is not turned on just by mistake the method of disassembly, or by mistake of the order to remove the parts, to check the repair method that I do enough, If you feel a little uneasy, I strongly recommend that you consult a repair shop without hesitation.

DIY is very fascinating because it is possible to repair at the cost if you can arrange and repair the parts yourself, but please proceed with disassembly and repair after fully understanding that there are advantages and disadvantages!
If you are worried about fixing it yourself, we recommend that you ask a professional contractor to repair your iPad.

 Liquid crystal repair is cheap!

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