Will the data be erased when I send it to PC repair?

If the PC breaks down, I think that it is common to consult with the shop where you purchased the personal computer, if you are a PC manufacturer, etc., but if you give the part that you are particularly concerned about, it is repair price and data.
Among them, there are some parts that cannot be solved with money with respect to data, so I think there are many people who are embarrassed to be erased.

If you request a PC repair without thinking about anything, please be careful because there is a possibility that the music data that had been taken, the data of the photograph, etc. will come back.
In addition, there are various contents in the failure of the personal computer, but the data of the personal computer is in the part called a hard disk, and the story changes a little when i put it out to repair because of a hard disk failure.
If a hard disk failure is the cause, it becomes a story whether the data remains in the first place, so it is necessary to have the manufacturer or repair shop investigate.


There are stores all over the country where PC repair can be done, but there are three repair places roughly.

1. Manufacturers (NEC, Fujitsu, Apple, Lenovo, etc.)
2. Private PC Repair Shop
3. The store where you purchased your PC



Let's take a look at each feature (advantages, disadvantages).


1. Advantages and disadvantages when fixing PC repair with a manufacturer

If you have a personal computer, you will know which manufacturer's PC you are using, but most of it is listed on the top plate (lid) of the liquid crystal, so I think you can check it immediately.
For example, if you are using a NEC (manufacturer)'s personal computer, if your PC fails, you will be consulted by NEC's call center or support office.
In the case of a manufacturer, there is an impression that it is not possible to solve the problem even if it is a question in the rush because it is not a repair technician to have a conversation at the call center and the support window.

If there is no problem with the estimate, it is possible to send it to repair as it is, but when performing PC repair at the manufacturer, the erase of the data is basic.
So you have to take the backup yourself before you put it out to PC repair, but be careful because it will be erased.
Data may be erased, if the repair amount is also no problem, it will be the most reliable place, so let's apply for repair.


2. Advantages and disadvantages when fixing at a private PC repair shop

I think that there are people who do not understand even if it is a private PC repair shop, but iPhone repair shop has been made recently near the station if it is easy to understand, it is a personal computer version of it.
It has nothing to do with the manufacturer, but it will be a repair shop with PC repair technology, so if your PC breaks by any chance, you will be able to request it.
In the case of a private PC repair shop, it is that it can be repaired cheaply when compared with the manufacturer, and the data is fixed without erasing.
However, if the hard disk needs to be repaired, it depends on whether the original data remains, so this is not the case.
If it is a PC repair that has nothing to do with the data, it will respond without erasing the data, so after the PC repair, you will be able to use the PC in the same environment as before.


3. Advantages and disadvantages of requesting repairs to the store where you purchased your PC

I think that there are a lot of things to buy in the actual store such as the net shopping and the home appliance mass merchandiser, but I think that it is often consulted by the store where I purchased it.
When performing PC repair at a consumer electronics retailer (Yodobashi Camera, Kesdenki, etc.), it may play the role of relaying, such as an agent of manufacturer repair, In this case, the probability that the manufacturer repair and the idea is erased with respect to the data because it is the same has become high.
So, if you request a PC repair, you need to be careful because the data will be erased if you do not take the backup yourself.
If you are purchasing online shopping instead of a manufacturer or a consumer electronics retailer, it is more reliable to check in advance about data erasure once.
I think that there are some stores that are affiliated with private repair shops, but in that case, please check because I think that the PC will be returned without erasing the data.



If you value peace of mind, it will be manufacturer repair without hesitation, but if you can not back up the data, manufacturer repair should be avoided.
I want to repair my PC at a store that does not erase data!In the case of those who say, we recommend that you consult a private PC repair shop.
In addition, in the case of the private sector, the sense of security will fall by all means when compared with the manufacturer, but there are countless stores that repair without anxiety, so you can have an acquaintance introduce you, or if you search on the net, PC repair shops will come out as much as you like.