How to repair the lcd crack ing of the iPhone?Is it difficult to repair it yourself?

Smartphones such as iPhone, even if you intend to handle carefully will be damaged by accidentally falling or giving a strong impact.
The tempered glass used in the display is many times as strong as regular glass, but it is not uncommon for cracks to enter depending on the direction and location of the fall.
So this time, I will explain in detail how to repair the liquid crystal cracking of the iPhone.

IPhone has two cases of LCD cracking

Even if it is said that the liquid crystal crack of the iPhone is broken in one bite, the symptoms also change depending on whether only the glass on the surface is broken or damaged to the internal liquid crystal panel.

If touch operation is normal

Although the lcd glass of the iPhone has broken, I think that there are many people who have had the experience that touch operation can be used as usual.
This is a pattern in which only the glass on the surface is broken.
Since the liquid crystal parts in the back of the glass are not damaged, touch operation is possible.

If you can't touch

On the other hand, there are patterns where touch operation is disabled at the same time as the glass is broken, or the liquid crystal blacked out and does not react at all, but this is a symptom caused by damage to parts inside the liquid crystal due to strong impact or pressure.
If too strong pressure is applied, not only the liquid crystal but also the frame of the main body may be distorted, and in some cases it is impossible to repair it in the first place.

How to repair iPhone LCD cracks

If the LCD of the iPhone is broken, there are a lot of people who continue to use it as it is without repairing it in the inside.However, it is dangerous because broken glass sticks to the finger when operated with the glass broken.What are some ways to repair my iPhone's LCD?

Repairs by Apple

Apple is repairing lcd cracks in the iPhone.You can choose how to bring it directly to an Apple authorized service provider store nationwide, or to repair it by shipping.
The normal repair price varies depending on the terminal, but in the case of the latest model iPhone XS MAX, the liquid crystal repair is 37,400 yen.(as of December 2018)
However, if you are a member of AppleCare+, you can repair it for 3,400 yen regardless of the model.
Especially if you're using the latest model and subscribe to AppleCare+, it's a good idea to use the repair service provided by Apple.

I'll try to fix it myself.

Kits that can repair iPhone LCD cracks on your own are sold, mainly by Amazon and Rakuten.There are a lot of things of the price of about several thousand yen, and I think that there are a lot of people who feel attractive.
When the iPhone disassembles the interior, it is divided into the base side and the LCD panel side, but each part is connected by a small connector, and the handling of the cable s can also be done delicately.
Because it is composed of a variety of precision parts, such as a camera and a home button for fingerprint authentication, it can be said that it is a difficult task for beginners.

"Decomposition" with high difficulty in repair of iPhone LCD cracking

The repair kit on the market contains work procedures, but it is the disassembly of the iPhone that must be especially careful when working.
Of course, the iPhone can not check the contents in detail unless you actually open and disassemble.
The procedures attached to the repair kit are simply described as simple as disassembly, and there is a risk of damaging parts or parts or cables even if you follow the procedure.
Knowing the points to be aware of when it is disassembled is essential for your work.

Decomposition procedure introduced with a photograph by a repair specialist

There are vendors who specialize in the repair of a variety of gadget devices, from iPhones to iPads, Macs, and laptops.
Some sites introduce how to disassemble each model with photos, and it should be a reassuring ally for users who are doing repairs for the first time.
Information useful for disassembling, such as where it is easy to break and notes on how to handle parts, is published in an easy-to-understand manner.

It is also possible to request repairs

Before you repair your iPhone, check the disassembly procedure and simulate your work.
The iPhone often uses special standard screws and cables, which require very detailed work.
If you are not sure that you can repair it yourself by looking at the photo, you can ask for repair as it is, but ask them to send you a quote before repairing it, and ask them to accept the price.

In conclusion

The liquid crystal crack of the iPhone is the most common repair contents.
Although the iPhone boasts a high share in Japan, there is a tendency that there are many correspondence numbers of troubles in proportion to it.
In addition to the official repair sians that Apple has done, repairs can be made in a variety of ways.
Please select the best iPhone repair method based on what was introduced this time.