Will SoftBank's donor antenna be installed improve radio waves?

The other day, my house's radio waves got very bad, so I rented equipment from Softbank and installed a home antenna 3.
However, as a result, the radio wave sibetween the installation of the home antenna 3 was not improved.

Are you out of the question yet?
While thinking, when I interacted with softbank people, I received a call that the radio wave may improve by installing a donor antenna.
Home antenna 3 is installed indoors, but donor antenna is a machine that attaches to the outside of the house.

It was content to catch the radio wave outside with the donor antenna, and to draw the radio wave to the home antenna in the house.

Home antenna 3 was sent by courier, but if you want to install the donor antenna, the trader will do it for you.
First of all, it seems to decide whether to install the donor antenna after the researcher comes and confirms whether the radio wave in the house is normal.


About 10 days after the exchange with Softbank, we received a call from a supplier and decided on a schedule for the field survey.


Later, a researcher came and checked the radio waves.
As a result, it was said that the radio wave was not extremely bad.

However, i told them that the condition of the radio wavewased was bad no matter what I did, and Decided to install a donor antenna.


SoftBank Donor Antenna

I had a donor antenna installed.
From here, the wire is wired through the air conditioner hole and the line is drawn into the room.


Was the donor antenna effective?

As a result, there was not much improvement even if the donor antenna was installed.

Since we have installed a donor antenna with great pains, we have been watching the situation for one week and two weeks since then, but the radio waves come in slightly, and it does not connect at all.
It is honestly doubtful whether the radio waves will enter by installing a donor antenna, but at the moment we are considering changing carriers.

It is a little troublesome because there are various procedures and review of the plan, etc., but I feel that I can not expect any further improvement because I intend to do everything I can personally.
There seems to be a possibility of adding a line if there is an application that the radio wave became bad from dozens or hundreds of households in the same region, but it was a situation that I who used the personal computer at work cannot wait.


For those who are in trouble because Of SoftBank's radio waves are getting worse

To summarize what you can try for yourself,

Reseat ingandies Sim cards
Power on and off
find out the differences in radio waves in and out of the house
Ask someone who uses SoftBank to come to your house and check the radio waves
Check the radio waves on other carriers (au, docomo)

I think it's around.