3 things to try and precautions to try when your computer freezes and doesn't work

A nasty phenomenon that rarely occurs when you are using a computer, freezes.

If your PC freezes, you won't be able to accept the operation, so you want to eliminate it as soon as possible, right?

So this time, I will introduce in detail the three things you want to try if you use a PC and freeze occurs.

In addition, since it introduces the prevention method to prevent the freeze from occurring, please refer to it by all means.


Three things to do when your computer freezes and doesn't work

If your computer freezes and doesn't work, don't panic and try out the three methods we're going to show you.

When my computer freezes, I'm in a hurry and say, "I have to get it repaired…"You might think, but it's not too late to try the following methods:

It may be easier to fix, so please give it a try.

1. Leave it for a while and see how it goes

If your computer freezes and becomes stuck, please leave it for a while and see how it is.

This is because, if you give a large load to your PC, such as working with image editing software or video editing software, or starting up multiple software at once, there is a possibility that any PC will freeze.

However, the load may be transient, so the freeze may be eliminated when the load decreases.

So, it may be a little impatient, but if the PC freezes, let's first leave it without operating for a while and see how it is.

2. Terminate software that appears to be causing the freeze

As I mentioned earlier, software that places a heavy load on a PC can cause freezes.

Graphic software such as Photoshop and Illustrator are famous for software that places a heavy load on personal computers.

If a freeze is caused by software, terminating the software may eliminate the freeze.

Since i will remove the cause that is causing the freeze, is it natural to say naturally?

How to end software on a Windows computer
1. Press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc at the same time.
2. Click on the Applications tab of the up-and-out Task Manager
3. Select the one whose status item is "Not Responding"
4. Click Finish Task

How to end software on your Mac computer
1. Press the option, command, and esc keys at the same time.
2. In the window where you stood up, select the software you want to kill.
3. Click Kill

However, the freezecaused by these software is often caused by the specifications of the PC, so it is often not possible to solve the problem without reviewing the PC.

And if you want to know which apps are using capacity,
You can use Task Manager on Windows and Activity Monitor on Mac to investigate.

For Window, "Control+Alt+Delete"
For Macs, it is displayed in "Move – Applications – Activity Monitor" in the upper left corner of the desktop screen.

In the case of Task Manager, it is easy to understand by looking at the tabs per "Application" and "Performance".
In the case of Masc, it is possible to pursue the cause of freezing by referring to the tabs per "CPU" and "memory".
In rare cases, the CPU may be close to 100% just by starting the illustrator app,
In that case, there is a possibility of a software problem, so please uninstall it once and install it again to see how it is.



3. Try to restart

If the freeze does not go away even if left for a while, and the freeze does not go away even if you terminate the software that would have given a heavy load to the PC, the problem may be solved by restarting the PC itself.

This is because computers sometimes restart and refresh them, or they can cause problems such as freezes.

So, try restarting your computer in the following ways.

How to kill and restart a Windows computer
1. Press The Windows and X keys at the same time.
2. From the menu that appears, select Shut Down or Sign Out and press Enter
3. Select "Shutdown" in the other frame that appears, and press Enter.
4. Restart after shutdown

Restart your Mac computer
1. Command, ctrl, and power buttons
2. If it does not restart in one way, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.


What if i tried three solutions and my symptoms didn't improve?

If the problem is not solved even if you try the three methods introduced in order, there is a possibility that the internal parts of the pc are defective.

In that case, it becomes difficult to solve the problem on your own unless you are too familiar with personal computers and electronic devices.

If you try to deal with it yourself, things may get worse, so ask a manufacturer or professional repairer to repair it.

If you value reliability, it is a good idea to choose a manufacturer, or a private PC repairer if you value cost.
The most common cause of freezing is hard disk degradation.


Prevention to prevent pc swells

If you want to prevent your computer from freezing, keep the software installed on your computer as up-to-date as possible.

This is because if you don't update the software and use it in an old state, it can cause a freeze.

So, periodically check for software updates and update if they are being updated.



If your computer freezes and doesn't work, you may be able to eliminate the freeze with the three solutions we've introduced this time, so please give it a try.

If that doesn't solve the problem, don't force yourself to do something about it, but ask a manufacturer or professional contractor to fix it.
In the case of failure up to now, I feel that there are many cases of memory, hard disk, or motherboard failure due to freeze.
Also, don't forget to update your software regularly to prevent freezes.