Is the iPhone Repair Business Profitable?Don't you make money?The repair shop will answer!

It goes without saying that the iPhone is a masterpiece that the late Steve Jobs has sent out to the world, and it is a mobile phone that has spread in the blink of an eye.
In order to be able to easily operate it at hand that I did not search only with a personal computer until now, iPhone has become one of the indispensable items in life now.
It is the same for other than the iPhone that everyone eats in the fashion one, but it is abnormal with respect to this iPhone.
This website is operated by an active repair shop, so we will tell you based on your actual experience.
Already iPhone repair business is saturated, but it is said that it is not profitable, profitable, not profitable can be declared one way!

It is very important to make money in doing business, not to make money, but we as a repair shop will tell you in detail what the business of iPhone repair is going to be in the industry, so if you are thinking of making iPhone repair a business from now on , I think that you can refer to the mechanism of profitable, do not make a profit.


How much do you need to open the iPhone repair that bothers you the most?

As is the case in any business, it always costs money to open a business.
Some people think of it as a home and a workshop, but it's important to have a place, such as a completely isolated tenant.
The next thing you can think of is how much it costs for the necessary tools.
If these two can be cleared, it is possible to open the business now, but because there is no technology to repair it, it is not possible to make a profit immediately.
So first of all, we have to polish the repair method.

This site is also so, now that it is an age where information can be easily obtained, if you have the ability to search well, you should be able to acquire some skills, and the point is common to any business, I think that it is not an exaggeration to say that examining in modern society leads to profitable and profitable.
Starting from your home and work place is the least expensive method, but iPhone repair will always require parts.
Therefore, the opening fund that can be assumed will be rent, tools, parts price.

If it says clearly, the tool does not cost money as much as it is good at all.
There are various items in iPhone repair, such as liquid crystal replacement, speaker replacement, dock connector replacement, submerged repair, power supply repair, etc., the initial cost will be slightly different depending on how far you increase the repair items.
Except for submerged repair, there is no problem if you buy only per Plus driver, Y-shaped driver, Torx driver, but even if you buy all, you will be able to purchase at about 3000 yen from 2000 yen.
If you want to perform submerged repairs, you will need tools such as alcohol cleaning, so it will cost tens of thousands of yen in addition.


About the rent It's not that it's good if the location is good.

The exception is if you can make your home a workplace when doing business, but I think that most of the stores that are doing iPhone repair business are operating with tenants.
Rent varies greatly depending on the region, so there is also a breakeven point, so it is not possible to say in general how much should be suppressed rent, but it is common in other than this iPhone repair business that the rent becomes more expensive than the densely populated district.
When it comes to big cities such as street shops, Tokyo, and Osaka on the main road, even if you can make money in business, you will be pressured only by rent, so the place to open a store is also very important.
Unlike the previous iPhone repair business, the iPhone repair business in recent years has changed a lot in profit margins, so the rent that always occurs in order to make a profit (making money) efficiently even a little becomes very important.
On the other hand, I think that it is possible to keep it cheap about the rent as it becomes a country, but I was not able to attract customers even though I opened a store with great pains!Because it is a thing that can be assumed even if you do not open a store, the balance becomes important by all means.


Think about labor costs

IPhone in order to be able to repair at hand, it is normal to do alone to one iPhone, but I think that any store is the same, i think that it is operated by rotating with about one to three people to one store.
The repair time per case is about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the contents, and can you fix 8 units per person when you think of work of 8 hours a day?
This is not about time, it's about eight customers coming.
If there is a store in the center of the city and a good location, it seems that it is possible to attract customers, but in reality it does not go so well.
If only about five people visit the store throughout the day when three people go to work, the balance of personnel is very important because there is a possibility that labor costs will take more than profit.
So, if you want to make a profit to make a profit in the business of iPhone repair from now on, it is more certain to think in the personnel configuration of the minimum (preferably one person).


About the purchase value of the parts The profit margin is completely different even if it is the same liquid crystal.

Speaking of the place where iPhone repair can be done in Japan, Apple, mobile carrier shop (au, docomo, softbank), but I think that divided into private repair shops, the purchase value is also different because the parts to be used are different.
In the case of a regular store, it becomes expensive from the user side to request repair because it uses only genuine parts, but in the case of non-regular stores, the amount of money to pay from the user side has become cheaper because it is less likely to have iPhone repair with genuine parts.
When it comes to this simple explanation, "Then it's cheaper to do iPhone repair in a non-regular store!"The result is, in fact, there is Karakuri there.
When it comes to liquid crystal parts, there are several types of parts that are called compatible products, recycled products, and copies, rather than one type of genuine parts.
Of course, since the purchase amount of genuine parts is the most expensive, how to succeed in the business is determined by the purchase value.
In the past, there were not as many iPhone repair shops as there are now, so there were no price destruction in the iPhone repair industry, but in recent years, the iPhone repair shop has increased abnormally, so price destruction has occurred completely.
In addition, there is a rank in the parts, and the purchase value is very different, but it is possible to purchase the parts cheaply, and it has changed to the view of how to provide a certain amount of things to the user.
This has become a very disappointing result from the user side, but it is a thing that can not be helped to survive to make a profit as an iPone repair shop.
In recent years, we have played lcd playback of iPhone in-house, and some stores have greatly compressed the purchase value.


About Franchises

Have you ever heard of the word franchise?
What is famous is the franchise expansion of convenience stores.
There are countless convenience stores in various places, but there are not many shops that function as the main body (headquarters).
In the original company organization, the franchise is similar to a branch office, but in the case of a branch office, the main unit (headquarters) has jurisdiction, so sales will be included in the main unit (headquarters).
But if you have a franchise agreement, it is not.
If you have a franchise agreement, depending on the contents of the contract, the cost of each month is often almost incurred.
Whether the cost of 30,000 or 50,000 per month goes up or down, there is an obligation to pay the main unit without fail.
This is the only thing that seems to have only disadvantages to the franchise, but it's not.
Since it will be the original way of the original franchise to make sales and attract customers instead of yourself, the company of The former that is developing the franchise is a company that is famous to some extent in the industry, if it is a company that is making money.
So, if you don't want to pay money every month, there is no way to make a profit but to work hard to work hard to promote sales and attract customers, but I think that one of the options is to think about entering the franchise if the customer does not come no matter what you do.


How to attract iPhone repairs

This is all in common other than this iPhone repair business, but how to acquire customers is directly connected to the profitable profit.
In order to make a profit, of course, it is necessary to attract prospects, but there are several ways to attract customers with iPhone repair.
There are two main ways to attract customers, a way to attract customers by using the street shop and the way to attract customers using the Internet.
Of course, there are other ways to attract customers, and so are local businesses such as whispering local newspapers!
Also, it may be a bad way to say it, but the iPhone repair business will not succeed unless the user's iPhone is broken.
So, how to make it aware in the area will also be the point of success in the iPhone repair business.

Among them, I will explain how to attract customers using the Internet, which is expected to attract customers.

The range of trade of the iPhone is almost fixed, and I think that it is completely specialized in local business.
Since the pattern of looking for a repair shop near the house and a repair shop near the office is about 90%, the point is whether you can attract customers in that area.
There are also stores that are doing iPhone repair using courier service, but unless there is a good thing in the honest place, it will be difficult to attract customers by home delivery.
In addition, I think that liquid crystal exchange can be done in any store, but the store that can recover data and base repair is about 10% of the total, about 20%, so I think that it is possible to make some profit by repair by courier if there is a strength in that area.

If you are thinking of repairing your iPhone in a local business that specializes in the region, first register with Google My Business and take MEASUREMeO.
Google My Business can register for free, it will be displayed as a map when you search on Google when it comes to be recognized.
In order to be able to do this function for free, there will be no reason not to register if you have a store in business other than iPhone repair.

MEO, SEO, there are various ways to attract customers using the Internet, such as listings, but if you can afford to open a business, you can attract customers at an early stage if you publish on a listing advertisement.
To put it simply, MEO measures and Google map display, SEO measures search rank rise, listing is paid advertising.
In order to make money without spending the most money is to SEO measures the homepage, SEO measures can not produce the results that i thought easily because it is particularly difficult.
So if you do not have a business opening, it is better to register on the portal site or to advertise using paid inventory as one option.
However, it is difficult to make money no matter how much repair is not considered if you do not consider the balance between the profit margin and the advertising cost in iPhone repair, so be careful.

[Additional information]

With an update to Google Policy in October 2018, iPhone Repair Shops can no longer publish to Google Ads!


How much does repairing an iPhone make?

The profit is completely different depending on the repair contents and the repair model, but the most common content in iPhone repair is liquid crystal cracking.
iPhone is difficult to make money as the old model, it has become a tendency to make money as new models.
Until a few years ago, when replacing one LCD, it was easy to make money from 5000 yen to 10000 yen, but now it is not so sweet.
The fact that you can make 10000 yen per car is that you can make 30,000 yen if you simply calculate and fix 30 units.
In addition, it was a world that would make 1 million yen if you fix 100 units, but now there are no companies that are making such a profit because there are many powerhouses.
So, how cheap the purchase amount can be will be the most important point to make a profit.



I think that there are a lot of people who think that it will start iPhone repair as a main business and a side business, but it is easy to open a shop if there is money.
But I think that marketing of attracting customers is more important than that, so let's start a profitable business with iPhone!If you think, we recommend that you first thoroughly market the store.
In addition, the repair is becoming more difficult than the new iPhone, because there is also such that the warranty of Apple Care is substantial compared with the previous, no one knows what will happen to this industry in the future.
Currently iPhone repair shops are present all over the country, but it has come to correspond in addition to iPhone repair, smartphone other than iPhone, iPad, also came to accept terminals such as Galaxy.
Since it is probably judged that it is severe only one iPhone repair, I think that it will lead to profitable business to think about the future in the foresight.