Do you know the profit margin of iPhone repair?Unexpected results turned out!

It is an iPhone repair shop that exists as a matter of course now, but it is increasing in the right shoulder rise with the demand of the iPhone.
IPhone repair shops are located all over the country, and there are repair shops in major stations that you can always say.
It is such an iPhone repair shop, but do you know how much profit margin there is?
In this article, we are described based on the actual experience rather than rumors, so if you are going to start an iPhone repair shop from now on, you will know the current situation if you can pass through the first time!


IPhone repairs have good profit margin repairs and poor lysated repairs.

This profit margin is a content that takes into account the balance between time and time.

The most common request content for iPhone repair is LCD cracking, touch panel failure, screen replacement, such as a line entering the screen, how can attract customers in the repair of this screen replacement was the most efficient way to increase the profit margin in the iPhone repair shop.
However, this content happened a few years ago, and now it is becoming difficult to make a profit only by changing the screen.
Currently, iPhone repair shops (non-regular stores) are thought to have about 2000 stores from 1000 stores in Japan, but the price destruction has occurred because the number of stores has increased significantly compared to the previous.
There was no other way but to reduce the price to attract even a little customer, and it became difficult to make a profit only by the screen exchange with the best profit margin.

The screen replacement time is about 30 minutes depending on the model, and if you fix one, the profit is about 3000 yen to 10000 yen.
In addition, the profit margin is higher than the new model, but when it comes to the previous model three or more, the profit margin will decrease considerably.
If one person attracts a visitor per hour, it is likely to be thought that it is considerably profitable because it is possible to make a profit of at least 24000 yen when calculated by working for 8 hours a day, but the reality is not so sweet.
If you join the franchise, there is no problem!If you think that, please be careful.
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In addition, in the case of small parts such as dock connector replacement and earphone replacement, cost-effectiveness is not very good because it takes time to disassemble.
However, if the part fee is cheaper than the liquid crystal, it is possible to greatly compress the time to decompose, and it can be expected to be a high profit.


How to increase the high profit margin in iPhone repair?

How to raise a high profit margin in the current situation where it is difficult to attract customers by screen exchange is that it is possible to repair the base of the iPhone.
If you think of iPhone repair as a business, there are very many people who enter because the initial investment is small, but I think that there are many people who took a course in the franchise, and learned iPhone repair by self-study.
Even if you learn the technology of repair, there are few people who can be consistent even to submerged repair and repair of the base, and the contents such as liquid crystal replacement and parts replacement are almost.
In addition, since only 10% of the entire iPhone repair shop, about 20% of the stores have been carried out to the base repair, it is possible to raise the high profit margin if the foundation repair is done.
If you can repair the foundation, there is a high possibility that you will also be able to obtain a repair request from your peers.

There are many stores that have been doing iPhone repair for a long time, but most of them are not done in stores that are doing iPhone repair in the side business.
I think that the location when setting up a new store from now on, and whether there is a repair shop nearby, etc., but if there is a store that seems to be a rival, it is better to chuck whether it is done to the base repair.
If you're even doing basic repairs, you have to compete for prices there.