Liquid crystal leakage of the tablet, leakage is frequent!Is it a defect?

Tablets are available from various manufacturers such as APPLE, ASUS, ACER, SONY, NEC, Fujitsu, etc., but the failure is attached by being able to carry.
It is often that the tablet is dropped and the liquid crystal cracks, but there are not so many liquid crystal leaks that the liquid is dripping from the screen of the tablet.
The most common tablet in the repair request will be the iPad that has been released from APPLE, but Even if there is a repair request for a liquid crystal crack, I have never seen a liquid crystal leak, so I would like to explain that area.

The liquid crystal leak of the tablet here refers to the state in which the liquid is out from the inside of the tablet, and the liquid hangs from the bottom of the tablet and is sticky when touched.

What is the difference between liquid crystal cracking and liquid leakage?

Liquid crystal leakage

To be honest, the same is the same, and different.
I think that it calls the same depending on the repair shop, but we divide it by a different way of calling.
Liquid cracking (on the right side of the image) refers to a state in which a crack or crack enters the monitor part due to the impact applied to the screen, and the liquid leak (on the left side of the image) refers to a liquid-like object mixed inside the monitor even though there is no impact, and the liquid is leaking out.

Almost 100% of the liquid crystal cracking has hit something, i think that there is a thing that comes to mind, such as had dropped, but it is easy to understand as a cause, but honestly the cause is unknown about the liquid crystal leak.
However, if you look at various tablets and predict the cause of the failure, the cause is probably "heat".

Although it is a selfish prediction to the last, I feel that it is a tablet that most of the terminal that has a liquid crystal leak occurs in the tablet was able to purchase relatively cheaply.
At one time, the consultation due to the liquid crystal leak of SONY VAIO DUO climbed hundreds, but it was not possible to repair because the parts themselves could not be obtained.
It is not a cheap terminal here, but because the liquid crystal leakage and the situation of other tablets are the same, is it still "heat" as a cause?I feel that.


What is the repair price and how to repair the tablet in the event of a liquid crystal leak?

As for the repair price of the tablet, it depends on the model, but the repair method is the same and liquid crystal change is necessary.
There may be a liquid crystal leak of about 1 cm, or a fairly wide range of liquid leakage of about 10 cm, but depending on the amount of liquid hanging, the motherboard and various cables may need to be cleaned.
We have not yet been able to confirm the motherboard failure due to liquid crystal leakage, but we recommend that you contact a shop that can turn off the power supply and repair the tablet if you can confirm the liquid crystal leak because it will be liquid to the last.
If you continue to use the tablet as it is, it may be short-circuited, so be careful.



There are still inquiries about the liquid crystal leak of SONY tablet VAIO DUO, but the model of the tablet which has become increasing in the inquiry of the liquid crystal leak recently is ACER's ICONIA TAB series.
There were also several SONY Xperia Tablet series.
I feel that there are a lot of acer ICONIA TAB W510 and 540 per, but these models are mostly leaking liquid from the bottom, so please be careful if you feel sticky.