The Mac is not turned on!Gently explain the cause and how to deal with it

Suddenly, my Mac stopped turning on.
If the Mac you are using at work suddenly starts, it will be very troublesome.
Even if there is a guarantee, the high expense does not change.

I have no idea what was causing it, even though it was working normally until yesterday.
If possible, avoid spending expensive repairs.

For you, we'll show you what's causing and what to do about your Mac when it's not turned on.
Knowing the cause, how to deal with it, and how to repair it, will save you a high repair fee.


Possible causes and what to do when your Mac is turned on

The problem with the Mac used for work is probably a matter of life and death.
Here are some of the reasons why your Mac won't turn on you.
Knowing the main causes will help you know what to do in the future.

Four main causes why your Mac won't turn on

Suddenly, my Mac got stuck.
There are four main causes:
Let's introduce the cause and what to do about each.

1. There is a problem with the display

The screen does not attach even though the main unit is starting and moving.
In such a case, there may be a problem with the display.
To check the display, first make sure it's turned on.
Presence or absence of start-up sound
Presence or absence of operating sound such as fans and drives
Whether or not the backlight of the LED or keyboard is turned on
When you press "Caps lock", whether or not the key light is on
If all of the above are "Yes", it is in the state that the power is turned on.
If the screen is not responsive even though it's turned on, the display will have a cause.

2. There is a power problem

Is the Power Cord on your Mac firmly in?
Also, is the adapter firmly stuck?
The most common cause of pcs such as Macs is not connected to the power supply.
To determine if the power supply is the cause, check the following two points:
Is the power supply or cord connected correctly, or is the outlet plugged in correctly?
Are you using the correct cord, adapter, or cable?
Also, pay attention to the battery charge.

3. There is a problem with the peripheral device

There were no problems with the power supply or display.
In such a case, it may be caused by a peripheral device.
Remove peripherals connected to your Mac, such as printers, USB, hubs, and mobile devices.

4. There are other problems

If the power does not stick even if you check from 1 to 3, there will be a problem inside.
As a simple solution,
Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then press the power button once again to confirm whether to start
Press and hold the system management controller (SMC) and press and hold the "shift+ controll + option + power button" and reset it.

Each cause can be easily confirmed and dealt with by oneself.
By doing the above confirmation work, I think you have found the cause.
I can't turn it on, so I'm going to fix it right away!Let's do what we can before we hurry ahead.


Introducing the repair request destination and repair cost of a Mac without power supply

If you try to deal with an issue where your Mac doesn't turn on, you'll need to fix it if it doesn't improve.
By trying to figure out how to deal with it, you don't know where to request repairs, even if you know where the problem is.
To such you, I will introduce the place where you request the repair and the cost of the repair.

Explain the cost and request for Mac repair

When it comes to repairing Macs, many people immediately come up with the Apple Store.
Asking Apple to interact with support may cause you to wait a long time for repairs.
This takes time and effort.

The Apple Store isn't the only company to repair your Mac.
You can also ask a regular provider or a city repair shop, but it will not change the exchange and time.

Repairing a Mac may result in a high cost of repair spree of approximately 60,000 yen.
Depending on the warranty period or whether you have insurance (support), the cost of repairs will change significantly.


Recommended repair method!If you want to reduce the repair fee, disassemble and repair by yourself!

I want to keep the repair cost down if I can.
I feel that the interaction with the trader is troublesome.
To such you, I will introduce the recommended repair method.

You can save money by disassembling and repairing your Mac yourself

If your Mac doesn't turn on, you can fix it at a low cost without having to ask a supplier.
It is done by oneself by oneself by all the time.
By disassembling and repairing yourself, you can reduce repair costs and eliminate interaction with troublesome suppliers.
If you know how to repair it, you will be able to revive your Mac immediately without taking time and effort.

It is difficult to make expensive repair costs.
I can't wait a long time for repair.
In such a case, why not try disassembling and repairing yourself.