Apple Supplies iPhone Repair Parts Will Be Good News for Domestic Private Repair Shops?

The other day, great news jumped in!
iPhone users, but it has become a content that interests if the private iPhone repair shop owner,
In short, “Apple supplies iPhone repair parts (genuine) and know-how to private repair shops” and so on.

Do you know that there are actually very few shops in Japan that are repairing apple genuine parts?
Now, private repair shops are increasing in various parts of the country, but the parts used for iPhone repair are compatible.
A private repair shop is different from a repair shop approved by Apple, and it becomes an independent store that procures parts from other than Apple and repairs it by oneself.
Therefore, because the repair fee is completely different depending on the shop, I had no choice but to ask for a good repair shop by myself.

However, this news will be that you can repair using Apple genuine parts even in private repair shops, iPhone users are the most beneficial.
Until now, apple store, but only Apple authorized service provider was able to receive the official repair, I think that it is very good to be able to repair using genuine parts in private stores in the future.

This service will be available in the United States and will gradually spread around the world in the future, but we do not yet know when it will start in Japan.
At the moment, there are thousands of independent iPhone repair shops in Japan, and there is a price competition, so I feel that it is in a stalemate as a repair business,
What kind of changes can be seen by the Independent Repair Provider Program is also a point of interest.

I don’t know if this announcement is a good thing for iPhone repair shops, but we can predict that the purchase amount (supply amount) will be higher than it is now, so I think price competition will intensify again in the future.
In addition, there was a thing called “Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications registration repair company system” before, but all iPhone repair shops were registered first, but not free, it was necessary to pay registration per model.
I don’t know how much of the burden this “Independent Repair Provider Program” is on the repair shop, but as in the previous “Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Registered Repair Service System”, If it starts in Japan, a large store will apply immediately.
On the homepage, “Repair with Apple genuine parts!””Our shop is supplied parts from Apple” will also come out in words to differentiate from other stores, such as.

The advantage of fixing the iPhone in a private repair shop is cheap anyway, will repair leaving the data, but the biggest advantage is that it is possible to repair on the day, because it is up to the user whether to do iPhone repair in which store, I’m very excited to see what will be done in the future.