What is the difference between an iPhone repair and a non-regular store in Chiba Prefecture?Which one do you recommend?

I think that there are a lot of people who live in Chiba Prefecture and own an iPhone, but if it breaks down by any chance, where do you consult the repair shop?
Speaking of possible repair shops, I think that it can be narrowed down to the following two, but I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each.
There are a variety of reasons, such as wanting to repair cheaply even a little, and wanting to repair in a reliable shop, but there are many shops that can repair iPhones in Chiba Prefecture.

1, regular store

Authorized stores are authorized service providers that have contracts with docomo, au, SOFTBANK and Apple.

[docomo shop in Chiba Prefecture]
Sakai City (1) Abiko City (1) Isumi City (1) Ichikawa City (5 projects) Ichihara City (4 projects) Inzai City (1) Urayasu City (2) Kashiwa City (5) Katori City (2) Kamagaya City (1)
Asahikawa City (1) Kisarazu City (2 projects) Kimizu City (1) Sakura City (2 cases) Yamatake City (1) Sakai City (1) Sodegaura City (1) Tateyama City (1) Chiba City (1) Chiba City (1) 14) Shishi City (1) Tokin City (1) Tomisato City (1) Nagareyama City (2) Narashino City (2 projects) Narita City (4 projects) Noda City (1) Futtsu City (1) Funabashi (6) Matsudo (4 projects)
Mobara (1) Yachigai City (1) Yachiyo City (2) Shikaido City (1)
55 (as of 2019/8)

[SOFTBANK shop in Chiba Prefecture] Chiba (16 projects) Shishi-shi (1) Funabashi-shi (9 projects) Kisarazu (2) Noda -shi (2) Narita -shi (2 projects) Togane City (1) Narashino City (3 cases) Ichihara City (4 Yachiyo City (4 cases) Kamagaya City (2 cases) Futtsu City (1) Shikaido City (1) Yachigai City (1) Shirai City (1) Sakai City (1) Yamatake City (1) Tateyama City (1) Ichikawa City (7 projects) Matsudo City (8 projects) Mobara City (1) Sakura City (3 projects) Kashiwa City (1) Kashiwa City (7 cases) Nagareyama City (2 cases) Sunko City (1) Kimizu City (1) Urayasu City (2) Sodegaura City (1) Inzai City (2 cases) Tomisato City (1) Katori City (1) Oami Shirasato City (1)
All 92 stores (as of 2019/8)

[au shop in Chiba Prefecture] Chiba (25) Matsudo (8 projects) Abiko City (1) Inzai City (2) Shirai City (1) Ichikawa City (6 projects) Funabashi City (7 cases) Kamagaya City (4) Narashi Nocity (4 projects) Yachiyo City (3 projects) Kashiwa City (6 projects) Noda City (1) Urayasu City (3 cases) Togane City (1) Shikaido City (1) Sakura City (3) Narita City ( 2) Ichihara City (5 projects) Kisarazu City (2 projects) Futtsu City (2 projects) Tateyama City (1) Asahikawa City (1) Mobara City (1) Isumi City (1) Eekizaki City (1) Sodegaura City (1) Kimizu City (1) Oami Shirasato City (1)
All 95 stores (as of 2019/8)

In Chiba Prefecture, there are overwhelmingly fewer docomo shops in major carriers.
Because it is this number of stores only in Chiba Prefecture, it will be a considerable number of stores if you take statistics in the whole country, but if you check the shop list above, it is still a city with a large population.
Since regular stores only use genuine parts, we recommend regular stores if you want reliable repairs.


2, non-regular iPhone repair shop

A private repair shop within a 5-minute walk from the main stations (Tsudanuma, Sakai, Chiba, Funabashi)


Instead of judging just because the repair amount of the iPhone is cheap, please pay attention to the quality of the parts to be used.
Because there is a rank in the parts unlike the old days now, it is necessary to be careful because it is thought that it repairs it using the parts of the low quality when it is extremely cheap.
Unlike regular stores, repair costs are cheaper to use compatible products, but the strength of glass is lower than genuine products.



When repairing an iPhone at a regular store in Chiba Prefecture

We will designate regular stores in the Apple Store, authorized service providers, and mobile shops (au, softbank, docomo), but there are not many in Chiba Prefecture.
If it is not a major station in Chiba Prefecture or a certain amount of densely populated areas, I don't think there are many of those stores (regular stores, carrier shops, etc.).
Regular stores have a high level of trust, but it is considered a disadvantage that the repair price is high by all means, but the sense of security is definitely higher than that of non-regular stores because they look firmly from reception to after-sales follow-up.
Even if the amount of money becomes somewhat high, if you want to repair using genuine parts, we recommend a regular store in Chiba Prefecture.
Chiba Station, Funabashi Station, Tsudanuma Station, Kashiwa Station, etc. are always in places where there are multiple trains in Chiba Prefecture.
The iPhone repair business can only attract customers after a user's iPhone breaks down, so it can't be done without a certain amount of population.
On the contrary, in the case of iPhone repair shop with only one store in the city, there is no powerhouse other company, so I feel that the price setting is high.


Apple Store in Chiba Prefecture, Apple Authorized Service Provider

Unfortunately, there are no Apple Store stores in Chiba Prefecture.
If you want to repair your iPhone in the Apple Store, I think it will be the Apple Store Ginza store if it is the closest store.
If Ginza is too far away, I can't go there!If so, you can find an iPhone repair shop that is doing home delivery repair, or you may want to use an Apple authorized service provider.

It is not an AppleStore, but it will be a shop certified from Apple, so there is no doubt as a repair.
Since it often takes a long time to accept, it is recommended that you accept it at the same time as opening when you request a repair from an authorized service provider in Chiba Prefecture.


List of Apple Authorized Service Providers in Chiba Prefecture

B-PARK+ Seven Park Ario Pass
Oshimada 950-1, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

[Store details] This shop is located on the 1st floor of the commercial facility Ario Pass, which opened along No. 16, which is one of the big national highways in Chiba Prefecture.
As an Apple authorized service provider, the store is quite large and may be larger than a little Apple Store store.
iPhones, iPads, and Macs are also substantial, and I think that it will be a very strong ally for those who are looking for Apple products in Chiba Prefecture.
Like the Apple Store, the demo machine is quite substantial, so it is recommended not only for repair, but also for those who want to see the new model.


Quick Garage Shin-Urayasu Store
Mihama 1-Chome 9, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture

[Store details] As an authorized service provider in Chiba Prefecture, it is an image that has been around for quite some time,
In recent years, it seems to be a shop with considerable trust from users by expanding the store nationwide.
If you look at the homepage, there are only Shin-Urayasu stores in Chiba Prefecture, but there are several stores in addition to Chiba Prefecture, and there seem to be about five stores in Tokyo in the suburbs.


Camera Kitamura LaLaport TOKYO-BAY Store
Chiba Prefecture Funabashi City Hamamachi 2-Chome 1-1 LaLaport TOKYO-BAY 1F

[Store details] Chiba Prefecture is located in LaLaport Funabashi TOKYO-BAY, which has the ability to attract customers to the point of being said to be the best commercial facility in Japan.
Speaking of the camera Kitamura is "camera"?I think that there are a lot of people who thought that, but in recent years, it seems to have put a lot of effort into Apple.
Because it is in the place where it is easy to access by the thing that the high-speed inter is near even in Chiba Prefecture, I think that it is ant to consult while shopping, but it is a place that I want to go on weekdays if possible because it is very crowded on weekends and holidays.


Camera Kitamura Mina Tsudanuma
Tsudanuma 1-Chome 3-1 Mina Tsudanuma 2F, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

[Store details] There used to be an authorized service provider called Smart Aid in Tsudanuma PARCO, but now it's gone.
The building where Marui in Tsudanuma was located has now been changed to a building called Mina, but it seems to be on the 2nd floor of this building.
There are jr. JR, Keisei, and Shin Keisei routes in Tsudanuma, but it is convenient to access by train because it is directly connected from Shin-Tsudanuma Station (Shin Keisei Line).


Camera Kitamura Takashimaya Station Mall
1-1 Suehiro, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

[Store details] It is located in Takashimaya, which is directly connected to Sakai Station, so it is easy to access.
The koji will be located in the northwestern part of Chiba Prefecture, but it is recommended that you consult with your local people in order to be accessible from Ibaraki and the southern part of Saitama.


Camera Kitamura Aeon Makuhari
Hibino 1-3 AEON Makuhari 1st floor, Mihama-ku, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture

[Store details] I thought it was a shop in Makuhari in a huge ion, but it seems to be different.
There are two ions in the Makuhari area, but it was the old AEON along the Toseki-do.
It is easy to access because it is one road if you get off at Takeishi Inter (highway).


It is a little difficult to access from the Boso area and kujukuri area because most of the authorized service providers are close to the city center, but in such cases, it is also one way to consider a number of non-regular stores in Chiba Prefecture.
IPhone repair shops also exist in areas such as Narita, Kisarazu, Togane, and Mobara.
In addition, if you have time to deposit your iPhone, there are also stores in Chiba Prefecture that will accept you by repair method using courier service.
If the station is not near, and you do not own a car, I think that it is a very convenient service, so I think it is good to make one option?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixing an iPhone at a non-regular store for those who live in Chiba Prefecture?

When the iPhone was first released, there were no non-regular stores, but with the demand for iPhone, quite a few non-regular stores were created all over the country.
Perhaps there are nearly 100 houses from 50 in Chiba Prefecture alone?
Some non-regular stores are franchised, some are operated by only one store by individuals, and the repair price varies, but in Chiba Prefecture, Funabashi, Tsudanuma, Sakai, There are many iPhone repair shops mainly in areas where traffic access can be expected, such as Chiba.

The biggest advantage is that the iPhone can be fixed quite cheaply when compared to the repair price of the Apple authorized store.
In addition to the amount of money, it becomes an important method of handling data, but in general there is data erasure in a regular shop, but in the case of private repair shops (non-regular stores), it is that they leave almost 100% data and repair it.

However, it is often the case of liquid crystal replacement, battery replacement, etc., but rather than erase the data when it becomes serious lying, such as not turning on power, I think that it will be asked to take out the data on the contrary.
It is also good to use a regular store and a non-regular store in the breakdown contents because there are many things that do not correspond if it is not a non-regular store with respect to the data removal.

When you are seriously injured, such as when the power does not turn on, because it will be promoted replacement or replacement if you bring it to a regular store in Chiba Prefecture, please check whether you have subscribed to Apple Care.
I forgot to join Apple Care and brought it to a non-regular store!I've heard that, but honestly it's a waste.

If there is another difference from the regular store, the parts to be used are not genuine products but compatible products, that are recycled products.
I think that there are almost no non-regular shops that are doing iPhone repair with genuine parts, but with the recent increase in iPhone repair shops, competition for repair prices has intensified, and it is not the main factor that has not paid for it?

If you look at the glass cracking reproduction method of the iPhone, you can see, but the recycled product is made in this way.
Most of them are made in China and come into Japan.
The advantages of recycled products include low prices, miscolored screen colors compared to genuine, dull touch panels, and prone to breakdown (not gorilla glass).
There are rank AAA, AA, A+, etc. in the liquid crystal, and only the glass of the genuine liquid crystal panel is peeled off neatly, and the method of attaching the glass of the copy product is various.
I think that there are some stores that are regenerative by their own lcDies, while others are purchasing directly from overseas.



How did you like it?
There are many regular and non-regular shops for iPhone repair in Chiba Prefecture.
If you want to fix the amount of money is high but surely regular store, if you want to repair iPhone cheaply even a little is a feeling like a non-regular store.
There are some stores that accept repairs using courier services, so please consult with them.
Since iPhone is always something to carry around, it is good to store that will repair on the same day by bringing it in if possible, but if it is a major station in Chiba Prefecture one store is sure to say that there is a repair shop, so please look for.

The most repair request in iPhone is liquid crystal cracking, glass cracking, but I think that any shop is pricing conscious of other stores with respect to liquid crystal replacement, so I recommend that you try to inquire about several companies.
In addition, since there is a rank in the liquid crystal, if the repair cost is significantly cheaper than other stores, please ask the clerk the rank of the liquid crystal.