PC repair with Yodobashi camera Summary of fees, bringing in, pick-up, etc.

Yodobashi Camera is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in various parts of the country, but it is a multimedia shop that exists especially in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
As the name suggests, there are home appliances mainly for cameras, but it is also a shop that sells and repairs pCs.
Speaking of the purchase destination of the personal computer, I think that most of the actual stores in consumer electronics mass retailers such as net shops and Yodobashi cameras, but yodobashi cameras also have a personal computer called Yodobashi camera model, It has become a content that is quite substantial with respect to the personal computer.


PC handling manufacturer of Yodobashi camera

As far as a quick investigation,
Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, NEC, Fujitsu, HP, ASUS, Huawei, Panasonic, Mouse Computer, Microsoft, Acer, MSI, VAIO, DELL were available.
Huawei, MSI because there are not many stores that can be purchased in Japan, you can see that it is putting a lot of effort into the personal computer.
It is also amazing that we sell personal computers from these rich manufacturers, but it also supports repairs.
The repair is that it accepts even a personal computer (e.g. Yamada Electric) purchased at another store, and if something happens with a personal computer, you can see that the probability that can be solved is very high if you consult Yodobashi camera.


How to request Yodobashi Camera for PC Repair

There are three main types of repair reception for Yodobashi cameras, such as carry-on repair, pick-up repair, and on-site repair.
However, for business trip repair, home appliances such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. were targeted, but it seems that the personal computer is out of support, so I would like to explain in detail about carry-on repair and pick-up repair.
If you would like to contact us by phone or request repair, please contact the number below to confirm the details.

Repair call center: 0120-203-044 (AM9:30 – 20:00 open all year round)


About carry-on repair

As the name suggests, carrying a personal computer to each store of Yodobashi Camera and selling it to each store, but each store is as follows.

Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi Head Office
Multimedia Shinjuku East Exit
Multimedia Akiba
Multimedia Ueno
Multimedia Kichijoji
Yodobashi Camera Hachioji Store
Multimedia Machida
Multimedia Kinshi, Hokkaido

Kanagawa Prefecture
Multimedia Kawasaki Ruflon
Outlet Keikyu Kawasaki
Multimedia Yokohama
Multimedia Keikyu Kami ooka

Chiba Prefecture
Yodobashi Camera Chiba

Saitama Prefecture
Multimedia Saitama Shintoshin Station Front Store

Tochigi Prefecture
Multimedia Utsunomiya

Aichi Prefecture
Multimedia Nagoya Matsuzakaya

Multimedia Kyoto

Osaka Prefecture
Multimedia Umeda

Fukuoka Prefecture
Multimedia Hakata

Multimedia Sapporo

Miyagi Prefecture
Multimedia Sendai

Fukushima Prefecture
Multimedia Koriyama

Niigata Prefecture
Multimedia Niigata Station Front Store

There are stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but Tokyo is easy to bring in because there are many stores and a wide range, and it is easy to access because all stores are a few minutes from the station!
In the case of a desktop, it is difficult to bring it in, but if it is a laptop, it is possible to carry it in because it can be carried in a backpack.

[Things to prepare when bringing in]
Point card
Warranty card if it is within the warranty period
In the case of a warranty period, a warranty card, an extended warranty, etc.

[Payment method in case of carry-on repair] Cash
Gold Point
Extended warranty


About pick-up repair

It is a service that Yodobashi camera side comes to pick up the personal computer which has broken down as the name.
There are computer repair shops nationwide, but many of them are sent to repair shops using couriers instead of pick-up.
However, in the case of Yodobashi camera pick-up service, you can come to pick up at home if you apply by the Internet or by phone, so you do not need to bring it to the store from here.
However, it is not free, and it costs about 5000 yen from 3000 yen for collection and delivery separately from the repair price, so if you want to reduce the repair fee even a little, it is better to bring it.
In addition, the actual estimate comes out after you have the personal computer picked up, but it is also possible to cancel if it becomes a high estimate by any chance.
However, even if you cancel the repair, the collection fee from 3000 yen to 5000 yen will always be charged, so be careful.

[Things to be prepared when requesting pick-up repair]
Point card
Warranty card if it is within the warranty period
In the case of a warranty period, a warranty card, an extended warranty, etc.

[Payment method in the case of pick-up repair]
Cash (cash on delivery)
Gold Point
Extended warranty

It seems that you can not pay by credit card in the case of pick-up repair unlike carry-on repair.


How much is the PC repair fee and the delivery time of Yodobashi Camera?

When you do PC repair with Yodobashi camera, the most worrisome is the repair cost and delivery date.
Let's check each one.

About the PC repair fee

Yodobashi Camera in order to accept repairs at most manufacturers, but I think that you can consult even if something happens to the PC by any chance, repair fee is the same amount as the manufacturer, if it is about the same price.
If the warranty when you purchase a PC with Yodobashi camera is left, it is best to use the warranty, but if the warranty does not apply, the repair fee will be lower in the private repair shop.
I think that it does not take it to say that it is a private PC repair shop, but it is the same as the iPhone repair shop near the station if it says recently.
In the case of iPhone repair, I think that it is possible to perform repairs other than carrier shops (au, docomo, softbank, etc.), but private PC repair shops are actually present all over the country.
Compared to Yodobashi Cameraand private PC repair fees, the price is quite low, such as half price to one-third.
I think that it is one way to be consulted if there is a private PC repair shop in the neighborhood because there are a lot of stores that correspond to both bringing in and home delivery repair.

About the delivery date of the PC repair

As far as checking the official website, the approximate repair period was from two to three weeks.
So, no matter how quickly you are, if you bring your pc to yodobashi camera, it will not be fixed immediately.
On the other hand, in the case of a private PC repair shop, there are also stores that are repairing pCs on the day if there is stock of parts, so if you are in a hurry, it seems better to consider a private PC repair shop.
Private PC repair shops do not have many results, there are stores with abundant results, so please check with the homepage first.


What happens to the data when I repair my computer with Yodobashi Camera?

This has been said for a long time, but pcs will be data erasure with a high probability when repaired at manufacturers and consumer electronics retailers.
I think that there is no problem at all if data is not required, but I think that it will be quite troubled if it is initialized when it comes back to put out to PC repair in the person who needs data.
I think that it will probably be 99% data erasure, so it is better to check what happens to the data when ever considering PC repair with Yodobashi camera.



If there is a warranty, extended warranty, it is recommended that you consult without hesitation for the time being.
If an additional repair fee occurs by any chance, i ask you to put it on hold once, and in the meantime, it will be the pc repair method that can be the cheapest to consult with a private PC repair shop.
Even if you can't bring it to Yodobashi camera in the distance, there is a possibility that you can take it up and repair it, so it is recommended that you consult with us once.