[MacBook Pro failure (junk)] please leave the high-priced purchase!

If your MacBook Pro breaks down, you will be considering whether to repair it or buy a new PC, but if you are new to a new PC, we will purchase the MacBook Pro at a high price, so please contact us.

I think that there are shops all over the country that buy MacBook Pro, but I think that most stores that buy them handle used products, such as rus shops.
There is a small store from a large store in the volume shop, but if there is a lyth shop near you, let's apply for the purchase assessment of MacBook Pro once!


Why can I buy a MacBook Pro at a high price?

I think that there is no problem if it becomes a purchase price that I can agree with even in the crown shop, but in the case of the purchase, there is an impression that there are many cases where it does not become the amount that I thought.
If the MacBook Pro is not faulty, you can expect a certain amount of money, but if the MacBook Pro does not turn on, and if the screen is broken, it will be treated as junk. I think that there is a high possibility that the purchase price will be greatly reduced.
In addition, in the worst case, it is not possible to purchase, only take-up (disposal only), it is a common story that the purchase amount becomes like 100 yen.

In the case of our company, there are rare cases where it becomes only pick-up as described above, but even in the case of junk, there is a tendency that the purchase price is expensive compared to the rus shop.
Our mother is a PC repair company, so we look at junk parts almost every day, but the view when you buy is different from the Rus shop.

When we repair the MacBook Pro, we are able to select new parts and used parts, and we are promoting used parts for those who want to repair them even a little cheaper.
So, as a view when I will buy it, it is determined by whether there are parts that can be used in the part that is not broken.
If the MacBook Pro is completely submerged, this is an exception, but in the case of MacBookPro, which has lost power and has broken screens, you can expect a high purchase, so please contact us.


MacBook Pro Enhanced Purchase Model

MacBook Pro A1278
MacBook Pro A1286
MacBook Pro A1297
MacBook Pro A1425
MacBook Pro A1502
MacBook Pro A1398
MacBook Pro A1706
MacBook Pro A1708
MacBook Pro A1707
MacBook Pro A1989


What's the trick to getting a MacBook Pro for a big deal?

There are many different types of MacBook Pro, but the newer one is of course easy to get the price.
Even if it is a slightly older MacBook Pro, the condition is beautiful, and it may be expensive if accessories are available, so we recommend that you try to find the accessories once.
Also, if the MacBook Pro seems to be extremely dirty, if you put a glass cleaner on the cloth and clean it, the impression of the purchase assessment may change.



If something on your MacBook Pro is broken, you'll always end up with junk, so don't expect too much if you're thinking of selling it at the L'Eth Shop.
MacBook Pro within five years from the release and macBook that has become junk because we have been allowed to purchase at tens of thousands of yen as long as you check the purchase results up to now If you are thinking of selling Pro, please contact us once.