Do I need to make a reservation for iPhone repair with big camera?Is it possible to repair on the day?

Big camera is one of the large consumer electronics retailers in various parts of the country, but it is also putting a lot of effort into repairing Apple products.
Among them, this time I narrowed down to iPhone repair and investigated variously, so I think that it will be helpful for those who are thinking about iPhone repair with a big camera from now on.

First, since Big Camera is an authorized service provider of Apple, you can get the same repair service without the Apple Store in your neighborhood.
The Apple Store has increased compared to the past, but there are still only a limited number of areas in Japan.
In the case of big cameras, there are many people all over the country, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, so if you want to fix your iPhone with a regular shop, wouldn't it be recommended?

In addition, the most common failure content in the iPhone is screen cracking due to fall, but there are quite a few shops that correspond to the day repair of the iPhone unlike PC repair.


The store which is repairing the screen crack of the iPhone on the day with the big camera

The day of repair is not compatible with all models, only iPhone6s and later models.



Big Camera Sapporo
[Address] Hokkaido Sapporo Chuo-ku Kitagojo Nishi 2-1 Sapporo ESTA JR Tower Big Camera Sapporo Store 3F
[Phone number] 011-261-1175

Aomori Prefecture

BIC Hirosaki Hiroro
[Address] Hirosaki-shi Station-maemachi 9-20 Hiroro 2F
[Phone number] 0172-55-0330

Yamagata Prefecture

BIC Espal Yamagata
[Address] 1-1-1 S-PAL Yamagata 5F, Kasumi Town, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
[Phone number] 023-630-7301

Gunma Prefecture

Big Camera Takasaki Higashiguchi Store
[Address] Sakae-cho, Takasaki, Gunma 10-10 Bic Camera Takasaki Higashiguchi 1F
[Phone number] 027-328-4606

Saitama Prefecture

Big Camera Omiya Nishiguchi Sogo Store
[Address] 1-8-4 Sakuragi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Sogo Omiya Store Parking Hall Big Camera Omiya Nishiguchi Sogo Store 2F
[Phone number] 048-647-1128


Big Camera Yurakucho Store
[Address] 1-11-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 7F, Big Camera Yurakucho Store
[Phone number] 03-5224-3241

Big Camera Ikebukuro Main Store PC Hall
[Address] 1-6-7 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 5F, Big Camera Ikebukuro Main Store PC Hall
[Phone number] 03-5956-1145

Big Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi
[Address] Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-5-1 Odakyu Hulk Bic Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi 7F
[Phone number] 03-5326-1132

Bic Camera Akasaka Mitsuke Station
[Address] Akasaka 3-1-6 Belby Akasaka Bic Camera Akasaka Mitsuke Station Store 3F
[Phone number] 03-5956-1145

BIC Sofmap AKIBA(3)MacCollection Store
Address: Akasaka 3-1-6 Belby Akasaka Bic Camera Akasaka Mitsuke Station Store 3F, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Phone number] 03-6230-1117

Bicuro Big Camera Shinjuku East Exit
[Address] Shinjuku 3-29-1 Bicuro Bic Camera Shinjuku East Exit B2F
[Phone number] 03-3226-1355

Big Camera Shibuya East Exit Annex
[Address] Shibuya 1-24-10 Big Camera Shibuya East Exit Annex 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Phone number] 03-5778-4101

Big Camera JR Hachioji Station Store
[Address] Tokyo Hachioji 1-17 Celeo Hachioji Minamikan Big Camera JR Hachioji Station Store 3F
[Phone number] 042-646-1113

Kanagawa Prefecture

Big Camera Lazona Kawasaki
[Address] Horikawa-cho, Yuki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 72-1 Big Camera Lazona Kawasaki 2F
[Phone number] 044-520-1147

Niigata Prefecture

Big Camera Niigata
[Address] Hanazono 1-1-21 CoCoLo South Building Big Camera Niigata 2F, Chuo-ku, Niigata Prefecture
[Phone number] 025-248-1383

Nagano Prefecture

[Address] Nagano 1-22-6 MIDORI Nagano 5F
[Phone number] 026-291-4005

BIC MIDORI Matsumoto
[Address] Fukashi 1-1-1 MIDORI Matsumoto 3F, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
[Phone number] 0263-37-5003

Shizuoka Prefecture

Big Camera Hamamatsu
[Address] 322-1 Sunayama-cho, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Inside Big Camera Hamamatsu
[Phone number] 053-455-1124

Aichi Prefecture

Big Camera Nagoya Station West Store
[Address] 6-9 Bic Camera Nagoya Station West Store 4F, Kashiwa-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
[Phone number] 052-459-1113

Nara Prefecture

BIC Family Store
[Address] Nara City Nishidaiji Higashimachi 2-4-1 Family 3F
[Phone number] 0742-32-1067

Wakayama Prefecture

BIC Kintetsu Wakayama
[Address] 5-18 Tomoda-cho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Kintetsu Department Store Wakayama 4F
[Phone number] 073-428-7066

Hyogo Prefecture

BIC Amagasaki Kew's Mall
[Address] Shioe 1-3-1 Amagasaki Kew's Mall 2F, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
[Phone number] 06-6470-2030

BIC Kojima x Sofmap Kobe Harborland
[Address] 1-7-2 Higashi-Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Kobe Harborland umie6F Sofmap x Kojima Kobe Harborland Store
[Phone number] 078-360-3822

Okayama Prefecture

Big Camera Okayama Station Front Store
[Address] 1-1-1 Bic Camera Okayama Station Front Store 4F, Kita-ku, Okayama, Okayama Prefecture
[Phone number] 086-236-1120

Fukuoka Prefecture

Big Camera Tenjin Building 1
[Address] Imaizumi 1-25-1, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Bic Camera Tenjin No.1
[Phone number] 092-732-1143

Kagoshima Prefecture

Big Camera Kagoshima Central Station
[Address] Kagoshima City, Kagoshima 1-1 Big Camera Kagoshima Central Station 2F
[Phone number] 099-814-1134


What is the waiting time for iPhone day repair and screen crack repair?

The above stores support repair on the day, but this is the case when there is stock of parts to the last.
Depending on the store, there is no stock of parts, so please contact each store by phone in advance because it will be stored and repaired.
If you make a reservation, you can usually receive repairs within the day of the month to complete the waiting time for a screen crack.


Can I use Apple Care+ to repair my iPhone with a big camera?

The iPhone has a one-year hardware limited warranty after the purchase of the product, but if you subscribe to AppleCare+, it will be extended for two years as an extended warranty.
If you buy an iPhone and it has passed for a while, you may forget even if you joined AppleCare+, but if your iPhone is broken by any chance, please check once.
AppleCare+ is often thought of as not being guaranteed unless it is taken to the Apple Store, but it is not.
You can also use AppleCare+ with a big camera, but please note that the repair price is quite different without using the warranty.
By the way, if you repair the screen crack of iPhone XS Max using AppleCare+, it is 3400 yen (tax excluded), but if you do not use AppleCare+, it was 37400 yen (tax excluded).
The difference is about ten times.
You can check whether you are a member of AppleCare+ in warranty status.
Since the serial number is different depending on the model, if you can not confirm the serial number by yourself, it is faster to have you check at the nearest shop!


What is the preparation in advance when repairing an iPhone with a big camera?

Because it seems to erase the data in the process of diagnosis and repair in the big camera, it is necessary to back up in iTunes etc. in advance when requesting iPhone repair.
In addition, the iPhone has a function called "Find iPhone", but you need to turn off that setting.
It is a way to turn off to look for iPhone,
You can switch between "Settings", "Account name (top)," "iCloud", and "Find iPhone".

Once the above is completed, make a reservation.
It seems to respond even without a reservation, but it is likely to be waited for a long time in order to correspond in the waiting list.
You can make a reservation via phone and Apple Support.
When you make a reservation for iPhone repair from Apple Support, it is very convenient to check the vacant schedule on the screen.



If you want to perform iPhone repair with a big camera, it will be repaired at a regular store, so if there is a warranty such as AppleCare+ if there is a guarantee, it is possible to repair it fairly cheaply.
However, since the data will be erased, be sure to take a backup before making a request.
Warranty has expired, if the data is not particularly necessary, it is cheaper to fix at a private iPhone repair shop in various parts of the country, but the parts to be used when repairing with a big camera to the last will be genuine products, If you want to fix it firmly with genuine parts, we recommend repairing with a big camera!