The quality of the LCD panel used in iPhone repair, the reproduction parts were thoroughly verified!

The presence of iPhone repair shops is growing with the expansion of the iPhone market.
In the past, manufacturer repair was basic, but now the number of people who use non-regular stores is increasing, and there are only about 100 non-regular stores in the past, but now there are thousands of cases, so there are many thousands of cases, so there is an impression that it has increased considerably in the last few years.

As there are some non-regular stores and more than 100 stores in franchise expansion, it can be seen that the iPhone repair business is very active in recent years.
Along with this, the iPhone repair business will be in fierce competition, and when it comes to major stations, it is not unusual to have more than five stores in one station.

From looking for a shop that can repair iPhone at a low price from the user's point of view, I think how to do iPhone repair at a low price will lead to the survival of the repair shop.
If Apple's repair fee is 30000 yen, 10000 yen in the case of a non-regular store!Because it is a true story rather than a lie, i want to thoroughly verify the area because there are various reasons even cheap.

There is a difference in the quality of the parts used, and the purchase value is very different.

Parts used in regular stores such as the Apple Store will be called genuine products, but I think that it can be used without the difference from before repair even if repaired.
On the contrary, in the case of non-regular stores, it is not genuine, compatible products, recycled products, it has become mainstream to repair using what is called a copy product, but I think that it is not all of the non-regular store, perhaps 90% of all stores compatible products, recycled products, I think that I am doing iPhone repair using a part called a copy product.
In addition, some LCD panels are ranked, and there are notations such as AAA+++ and A+, and the manufacturer is mainly China.
I think that the quality seems to be quite good when i look only at the notation AAA +++, but in fact, it is a place such as a、、、kite.

It is easy to understand if you look at the image above, but it is the liquid crystal of the iPhone 6 sold overseas.
Since the amount per sheet is US12.7 dollars, it will be 1397 yen when calculated at 110 yen per dollar.
In addition, because the shipping fee is free, the actual purchase value will be 1397 yen, so the part plus this amount is the profit of the repair shop.
I think that details such as parts price and labor are not listed first of all in the item of the repair shop, but it is better to think that the majority is labor.


What is the difference between a genuine panel and a compatible product, a recycled product, or a copy product?

The genuine panel is a liquid crystal that the manufacturer has requested to the designated factory (such as foxconn) and produced, but it seems that the other hit will be classified as compatible, recycled, and copied products.
Compatibility products, recycled products, and copies are different from genuine parts, and there are various differences such as the strength of the glass, the sensitivity of the touch, and the color of the liquid crystal panel.

First of all, the strength of the glass is considerably inferior when compared with the genuine parts.
In addition, the glass of the iPhone is black and white roughly divided, compatible products, recycled products, in the case of copy products, especially white is also characteristic that the white portion comes yellowing over time.
The surface of the iPhone screen is weak to the impact such as falling originally for glass, but if it is not genuine, does it break in this degree?I think there is no strength.

Although it is a color of the liquid crystal panel, there is a panel with the same color at all, and a clearly different shade.
First of all, it is necessary to know what the lcd of the iPhone is made, but the lcd of the iPhone is basically a two-layer structure, and it is divided into glass and the liquid crystal panel.
If the hue is different, it is not a genuine product, it is that it is either compatible product, recycled product, copy product.

I think that there are many people who used the iPhone repair shop because of the glass cracking, but do you know that the removed parts sell?
This may make you angry, but it's a true story.
IPhone repair shop can give a secondary profit by selling the removed defective parts to a specialist.
If the model is new, it is possible to make a good profit because it becomes several thousand yen even in the liquid crystal which failed.
If it is only glass cracking, the internal liquid crystal panel is alive, so only the broken glass part is peeled off cleanly, and the glass of the compatible product is glued.
Then, the color of the screen can make the same reproduction parts.
Please take a look if you are interested because you can check how to make the iPhone playback panel here.

The color of the screen is clearly different about the liquid crystal, but since it does not reuse genuine parts at all, it will be treated as a so-called copy product.
So obviously the hues are different.
If you are concerned about the difference in color, take a screenshot before repairing and compare the color with the screen after repair.
If the same color comes out, the repair shop will be using a good part of the degree.



Genuine parts and compatible products, recycled products, and copied products are hard to understand on the outside.
Because it is about the color of the liquid crystal if it is a part that can be judged from the appearance without disassembly, it is better to take a screenshot before repair or to hear the quality of the parts used in the repair shop if you are concerned about the color after repair.
IPhone repair shops are increasing in the right shoulder, but on the other hand, it seems that you can not survive if you do not use a playback panel etc. because price competition is intensifying on the other hand.