What you should do when you spill juice on your computer and what you should never do

I think that there are many people who usually use a personal computer while drinking juice and eating sweets, but what you have to be careful about at such times is that you spill the juice.

Because personal computers are precise electronic devices, spilling moisture such as juice can cause serious problems.

And, if you spill juice on your computer, it becomes very important to say, "How quickly and appropriately you can take appropriate action."

So this time, I would like to explain in detail what to do when Spilling Juice on a COMPUTER.
In addition, we also introduce the wrong way to deal with things that you tend to do when you spill juice on your computer, so please refer to it.


Four things to do when you spill juice on your computer

Originally, it is strictly prohibited to bring moisture closer to the personal computer which is a precision machine, but it is the one that can happen to anyone in the situation of accidentally spilling juice.

If such a situation should happen, don't be impatient and try to implement the solution we're going to introduce.
The most scary failure point in the submersion is the motherboard, but if the HDD fails due to submersion, it may be difficult to retrieve the data, so it is necessary to deal with it early.

From here, I will introduce the necessary treatment when I spill the juice to the personal computer in the order that I want you to do.

1. Turn off the power supply

If you spill juice on your computer, try to turn it off first.

Depending on the amount and location of the spilled juice, the computer may automatically turn off, but if you spill the juice and the COMPUTER continues to start, If you don't turn off your computer as soon as possible, things can get worse.

Therefore, if you spill juice on your computer, be aware that you should first turn off your computer as soon as possible.

2. Remove the power cord, remove the battery

The next step is to remove the power cord or battery when the pason goes down.
There are some models that can be easily removed from the battery, and some models can not be removed unless disassembled, but if you can not remove it yourself, we recommend that you consult a repair shop immediately.

When moisture such as juice enters the personal computer, the most troublesome thing is the short circuit caused by moisture touching the electricity flowing into the personal computer.

If it is shorted, serious damage will be caused to the internal parts, and in some cases it will not be possible to repair it, so it is important to reduce the possibility of energization to zero.
In particular, if a part called a motherboard is shorted, it will lead to a very serious problem, and even if it can be repaired, it may be very expensive, so please shut off the electricity as soon as possible.

So, after you turn off your computer, try to remove the battery or unplug it immediately.

3. wipe off the juice that can be wiped off

If you turn off the power of your computer and pull out the power cord so that the computer does not have electricity, wipe off the juice of the part that can be wiped off with a towel as much as possible.
Of course, if you leave the spilled juice as it is without wiping it off, there is a possibility that things will get worse, so please wipe away as much as possible.

In addition, I think that the juice is almost spilled on the keyboard surface, but after wiping off the juice on the surface, please turn the PC upside down so that the rest of the juice does not fall down.
Because there is a possibility that the juice will drip to the motherboard side if it is left as it is.
Even if you can wipe all the surface of the keyboard, the malfunction of the keyboard may occur in a few days to several weeks, and it may be sticky, but in that case, it is necessary to replace the keyboard or to wash it all.

4. Ask a professional contractor to clean it

It may be discouraging, but if you spill juice on your computer, you will basically need to repair it.

The reason is that it is necessary to wash the inside of the personal computer in a special way as soon as possible because the corruption of each part progresses fast when moisture remains in the personal computer.

So, please ask a professional company to clean the interior.


What you should not do when you spill juice on your computer

From here, I will explain two things that should not be done when spilling juice on a computer.

Since both are common things to do, please grasp the contents to be explained from now on firmly, and do not do it even if it is wrong.

move the body to get moisture out

When moisture enters the inside of the personal computer, the idea that it is better to put out moisture works anyway, and there are people who think that it will put out moisture by moving the main body, but please do not do it absolutely.(It is ants that turn the body upside down.))

This is because, if you move the body while there is moisture inside, there is a possibility that the moisture will erode even the part that was not eroded.

If that happens, it will become even more severe, so let's definitely stop it.

try to dry or dry naturally with a dryer

As I mentioned a little earlier, if you leave the moisture that has invaded the personal computer, it will erode more and more, and chips will rust.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash the inside with a special solvent as soon as possible.

At this time, trying to dry with a dryer without washing or to dry naturally means that you are watching erosion without doing anything, so please ask the supplier to do a special cleaning immediately without leaving it.

There are a lot of people who are submerged and then dried with a dryer, but let's not dry the PC based on the wrong information on the Internet!


If I can use it without any problems, don't I have to go to repair it?

In rare cases, even if you spill juice, you may be able to use your computer without any problems, and at first there was a problem, but the symptoms may gradually calm down.

In this case, there are many people who think that it is not necessary to send it out for repair, but it is not recommended.
This is because erosion will surely proceed during that time, and there is a possibility that a larger problem will occur later.
So, please try to put it out to repair as soon as possible.



If you spill juice on your computer, you'll almost certainly need to repair it.

In rare cases, there are cases where defects do not appear or the symptoms gradually calm down, but since most of the patterns cause problems or more serious symptoms, it is hard to send them to repair.

The erosion of the juice is surely progressing even while you are wondering whether to put it out to repair or not, so please ask a professional contractor to repair it as soon as possible.