the iPhone screen is dark?? Is it after the liquid crystal is changed?

I think that there is a thing that seems to be darker than before when using an iPhone, but did not it change the liquid crystal recently?
The screen is a thing that can not be helped if you use the same iPhone for a long period of time to deteriorate aging, but if the screen has become dark state after such as screen replacement there is a thing that can be considered in addition to deterioration.
By the way, the screen of the iPhone is composed of a panel to display the color, a backlight sheet that issues light, but when you replace the screen because the screen is broken, it is a general flow to replace to the backlight sheet rather than the replacement of the panel only.
(This is common to regular and non-regular stores.))

First of all, please check whether the brightness of my iPhone is normal.


How to adjust the illuminance (bright, dark) of your iPhone

If you have an iPhone X or later, slide it from the top right to the bottom.
For iPhones with home buttons (iPhone8, iPhone7, etc.), there is a bar of illuminance adjustment when you select "Settings" and "Screen display and brightness", so slide it with your finger to maximize it.


There is a place where the illuminance can be adjusted in the red frame part, but it is possible to lighten the dark screen by making the slide up and down.


You can also adjust the brightness from the icon settings.
When you press the setting, there is "screen display and brightness", so if the screen is dark, you can adjust it from here.


It is possible to adjust the illuminance by sliding.


I think that the above procedure usually solves the problem that the screen is dark, but even so, if the screen is dark, there may be other causes.


If the screen is dark, there are various causes.

If the iPhone screen is dark, possible causes are backlight failure, if the deterioration of the screen.

The screen of the iPhone will be visible by the backlight glowing, but when the backlight breaks down, it becomes a dark state that does not look at all.
This is the same as the backlight of the PC, but if the icon of the screen is faintly visible, repair is necessary.
In the case of iPhone, the backlight replacement is also set when the liquid crystal is replaced, so it will be a liquid crystal replacement as a repair.
If the condition does not improve even if the liquid crystal is changed in a dark state, the base repair of the logic board becomes a failure of the logic board, and the base repair is necessary.
These faults are common patterns, but surprisingly many are that the screen became darker than before after the liquid crystal repair.

If you want to repair the iPhone, Apple Store, regular stores such as carrier shops, but I think that will be divided into non-regular stores in the city, if you fix it in the Apple Store, it will be as bright as when you buy a new product.
The reason is that the part uses the genuine article.
On the contrary, when you change the LCD at a private iPhone repair shop (non-regular store), the screen is darker than before?There are times when I feel that this is because the parts i use are not genuine, but because I use recycled products.
So if you feel dark even if you MAX brightness after repair, because there is no thing that the screen becomes brighter any more no matter what you do, if you do iPhone repair in a non-regular store the rank of the liquid crystal parts, it may be good to ask the quality.


Did you know that the lcd of the iPhone can be used for playback?

I brought it to the repair shop by the glass crack, and the repair was finished!It is only the main body to come back, and the original part is unlikely to come back.
This is because LCD panels that only have broken glass can be sold to specialists.
IPhone repair shop has increased in the right shoulder rise for several years, but honestly is it a place such as the ceiling now?
Because the competition of the repair price is intensifying because the repair shop has increased too much, how cheaply you can purchase parts is the way of the game.

There are also several types of LCD parts, and there are also ranks for recycled, compatible, and copied products.
The lower the rank, the cheaper the purchase price, but if you do iPhone repair using a low-rank edicity LCD panel, the screen will be dark even after repair.

For example, the repair method is liquid crystal replacement even if it is put out for repair by glass cracking.
Since the liquid crystal exchange is a method of replacing glass and liquid crystal panels at the same time, the original LIQUID panel is also replaced at the same time.
So, since only glass is broken originally, I wish you could just replace the glass!It seems, but in fact it does not.
You can check how to play the lcd of the iPhone here.
In general, the time required to replace the LIQUID Crystal depends on the model, but it is not 100% impossible to replace only the glass of the customer's liquid crystal in just 30 minutes.
Therefore, the parts used for replacement will be used liquid crystal (panel), so even if you replace the liquid crystal, the screen will be dark.



How did you like it?
Because the screen is dark, it is thought that the screen becomes dark further when I take it to the repair shop in the town because I want to change the liquid crystal.
In the case of a personal computer, there is a store that only replaces the backlight, but in the case of iPhone, I think that there is hardly a store that will replace only the backlight sheet just because the screen is dark, but it is because it takes a lot of time and effort.

So if you want the screen to be dark at the time of new purchase brightness, we recommend that you repair it at a regular store, a shop that will repair you with genuine parts.
In addition, in the case of brightness of the degree of brightness whether the screen is visible or not, it becomes a failure of the board side rather than the fault of the liquid crystal.
If you take it to the manufacturer, you will be guided to replace the main body because you have not replaced the board or repaired the board.
On the other hand, in the case of a private repair shop, there is also a shop that will repair the board, so please consult!