iPadAir2 power button replacement Repair and disassembly method All 4 steps

How to repair and disassemble the iPadAir2 when it does not turn on or cannot be pressed

iPadAir2 power button and disassembly procedure

[iPadAir2 Power Button Replacement STEP 1]
If the power button (sleep button) is no longer working, the cable inside the power switch may deteriorate or malfunction, so parts may need to be replaced.
The most common case with a failure is when you want to turn it off, but you can't turn it off because the button doesn't respond.
In this decomposition method, it is all on the removal of parts, so please refer to it if it breaks down.
[iPadAir2 Power Button Replacement STEP 2]
The front panel must be removed if the power button is replaced.
The LCD replacement of the iPadAir2 is available on other pages, so please check the decomposition process so far there.
[iPadAir2 Power Button Replacement STEP 3]
The power button switch is under the rear camera, so you need to remove the rear camera.
You can check here how to replace the rear camera.
I think that it is in the state of the image when the rear camera can be removed, but the red arrow part becomes the connector of the power button.
Because it is connected to the logic board, it can be easily removed stomach if it is lifted from the bottom to the top.
Because there are two small screws under the part which is enclosed in orange, I use the Phillips screwdriver.
[iPadAir2 Power Button Replacement STEP 4]
If the screw can be removed, it can be removed by lightly screwing the power switch itself.
The outer part (button) that I usually touch is a single part, so there is no cable, so if it breaks down, the cable inside is deteriorated rather than a button, and it means that it has broken down.


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