Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement Method 5 Strokes

Additional memory on the Macbook A1342, how to repair if it's slow, and how to disassemble it

The following decomposition method will be helpful when replacing the MACbook A1342 LCD!

[Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement STEP 1]
macbook A1342 LCD replacement method 1There is a model that the battery can be taken out immediately depending on the personal computer, but in the case of macbook A1342, it becomes a built-in model, so the main body is made to the back side, and the back cover is removed.
You can remove the eight red circle parts by removing them with a Phillips screwdriver.
[Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement STEP 2]
Macbook A1342 LCD Replacement Method 2When the back cover is removed, it becomes the following state, and the big black thing in the lower left becomes the battery of the A1342. Because the part enclosed in red becomes a connector that connects the battery and the logic board, I remove it with the feeling that It wakes up.
The orange part is a screw, and you can remove the battery by removing six screws in all places.
Up to this point, the battery can be replaced in 5 minutes of work time.
This time it will be a memory exchange and expansion method, so it is OK just to remove the red part of the battery.
[Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement STEP 3]
macbook A1342 LCD replacement method 3In [step2], there was a HDD in the lower right, but it is ok without removing it even if it is removed. In order to make it easy to understand this time, we have removed it.
(How to remove the hard drive can be confirmed by the HARD Drive replacement method.))
It is how to remove the memory, but push out the arrow where each arrow is removed.
[Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement STEP 4]
macbook A1342 LCD replacement method 4If you push the memory outward on the previous journey, the memory will pop up. You can remove the memory by pulling it out to the front side as it is.
[Macbook A1342 Memory Replacement STEP 5]
macbook A1342 LCD replacement method 5I was able to remove the memory.
If you want to add more memory, you can easily add it if you perform it by the procedure opposite to the method that you removed.


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