iPadAir2 earphone replacement repair and disassembly method 7 steps in all

How to repair and disassemble jack failures that do not produce sound from the earphones on the iPadAir2

iPadAir2 earphones and disassembly procedures

[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 1]
If you no longer hear any more noise from your earphones, you may be physically out of order.
Because there is a case to improve by replacing parts, please refer to it when disassembling.
In order to remove the earphones, it is necessary to remove the LIQUID CRYSTAL, so please check with the LCD replacement.
Also, after removing the LCD, be sure to remove the battery connector before disassembling!
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 2]
After removing the battery connector, remove the iron plate in the image part.
Let's use off the Phillips screwdriver because four screws are attached to the red circle part!
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 3]
Remove the connector on the front camera after removing the iron plate.
In the image, the front camera is removed, but In order to make it easy to understand, I was allowed to remove it in this decomposition!
The red arrow part is the part where the connector of the earphone was connected, but the cable has been extended from the left side originally.
The connector can be removed in the same manner as the procedure that removed the connector of the previous front camera.
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 4]
It becomes the earphone part, but i try to lift the cable of the previous using a spatula etc.
In addition, because two screws are attached to the red circle part, I use the Phillips screwdriver.
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 5]
If you can remove the screw, you can remove the iron plate.
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 6]
There is only one screw under the plate, so don't forget to remove it.
There is nothing that secures the earphone in this, so you can easily remove it just by pulling it out.
[iPadAir2 Earphone Replacement STEP 7]
I was able to remove the earphone.
After that, the work is completed if you replace the newly prepared parts and incorporate them according to the original decomposition method.


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