Find an iPhone repair shop in Narashino City, Tsudanuma!

The Keisei Line, Sobu Line, and Shin-Keisei Line are used at Tsudanuma Station in Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture, but the station where the most iPhone repair shops are concentrated is JR Tsudanuma Station where the Sobu Line is passing.
There are shops of various industries for good access from the city center, but there are many shops that can repair iPhones in Tsudanuma.

Carrier shops (au, docomo, softbank, etc.) of course, but there are many iPhone repair shops of non-regular stores, so if you are looking for an iPhone repair shop in Tsudanuma, I think that you can refer to it.

What is the difference between a regular store and a non-regular store at an iPhone repair shop in Tsudanuma?

I think that it starts from the store selection when IPhone repair, but as described earlier, the iPhone repair shop has a regular, non-regular.
As the name suggests, regular stores call stores affiliated with Apple Stere and Apple, and non-regular stores are private stores (including franchises) that can repair iPhones?

In the case of a regular store, the repair price is also decided uniformly, but in the case of non-regular stores, it is completely different depending on each store.

Then, please check where to repair it first of all whether your iPhone has insurance.
If you have insurance such as Apple Care at the time of iPhone purchase, we recommend that you consult the repair at the regular store at the very beginning.
For example, if you are buying an iPhone at a docomo shop, we recommend that you consult the docomo shop in Tsudanuma for repairs.
Depending on the situation, there is a high possibility that you will repair your iPhone at a free repair, if you want to do cheap iPhone repair.
The shops are introduced below, but any store can be accessed on foot from Tsudanuma Station.

What is the difference between an iPhone repair and a non-regular store in Chiba Prefecture?Which one do you recommend?

List of au, docomo and softbank shops in Tsudanuma

[au shop in Tsudanuma]
au Shop Niitsudanuma
4-34 Tsudanuma 1-Chome, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

au Shop Morisia Tsudanuma
16-1 Morisia Tsudanuma 1F, Yatsu 1-Chome, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

au Shop Tsudanuma 14
2-32 Tsudanuma 2-Chome, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

[docomo shop in Tsudanuma]
DOCOMO Shop Tsudanuma Kitaguchi Store
2-13 OK Building 3F, Tsudanuma 1-Chome, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

DOCOMO Shop Tsudanuma
Yatsu 7-chome 8-1, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

[softbank shop in Tsudanuma]
SoftBank Tsudanuma
Tsudanuma 1-Chome 2-23 Tsudanuma Station Building 1F, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

SoftBank Tsudanuma PARCO
19-1 Maehara Nishi 2-Chome, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, 4th floor of Tsudanuma Parco B Building

SoftBank Forte Tsudanuma
Forte 1F, 2nd Street, Narashino City, Chiba Prefecture

What are the benefits of a non-regular iPhone repair shop?

The biggest advantage of repairing an iPhone at a non-regular store is that the repair fee is low.
It is true that tens of thousands of yen will change depending on the model of the iPhone though it is a thing that it is understood if you inquire about the regular store and the non-regular store respectively how cheap it is.
The more easy to understand, the bigger the difference between the new models, so if you have an iPhone X or later, the difference between the differences may be easy to understand.
Of course there are disadvantages as well as advantages, but you can check the area below.

Is the iPhone Repair Business Profitable?Don’t you make money?The repair shop will answer!

Do you know the profit margin of iPhone repair?Unexpected results turned out!


In the Tsudanuma area, if you include regular stores and non-regular stores, there will be iPhone repair shops with about 20 stores from 10 stores.
It is very convenient to repair the iPhone, and you will be able to shop with a bra bra even when you have deposited the iPhone in repair.
Morisia, PARCO, there are many best shops to kill time, such as ramen shops, if you have business in Tsudanuma in those iPhone is broken, iPhone repair can be easily done in Tsudanuma!