battery replacement, repair method, and disassembly method of iPhone7 all 17 steps

IPhone7's battery is fast, how to repair, disassemble, etc.

Recently, the pace at which new iPhone models are released is much faster than before, so the iPhone 7 feels old by all means.
Of course, it is not an old model at all, and I feel that there is no problem at all in the spec, but I came to hear the voice that the battery has become bad.
Because I think that it is possible to use as much as still as much as the active model if you replace the battery, let's replace it if you are concerned about the possession of the battery!
It is said that it costs 5400 yen when I ask apple to replace the battery of the iPhone 7.
However, there is a case that it does not go according to the estimate because there was an additional repair fee when there is a screen crack etc. when replacing the battery.

Will the data disappear if I change the battery?

The data will not disappear just by replacing the battery.
Since the data of the iPhone is recorded in the part called NAND on the logic board, the data is not lost just by replacing the battery.
However, the data is not lost only if you repair it yourself or repair it at a non-regular store.
If you want to replace the battery with data, you should avoid manufacturer repairs because it will almost 100% of the data initialization when you ask Apple or an authorized service provider.
In addition, if you can take a backup in iTunes, etc., there is no problem with the manufacturer repair, but you can not take the backup, if you feel troublesome please consult a non-regular store.
The advantage of non-regular stores is that most of the repairs that are not related to the data will proceed with the data as it is.
If you can replace the battery by yourself with reference to the decomposition method below, you can use the iPhone as it is with the data up to now.
However, it is safe to back up and remember how to back up in case of a failure that you do not know when it will happen.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 1]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 1
On this page, you can check the way of replacing the battery of the iPhone7, but there is no particular lying point if you have ever done the battery replacement of the iPhone even once.
However, it is necessary to remove the liquid crystal to remove the battery, but the method of removing the lcd of the iPhone7 is different from the previous, so be careful.
I think that replacing the battery is not a difficult task if you can remove even the liquid crystal, so please try to challenge!

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 2]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 2
I will continue to disassemble the iPhone7 from here, but let's remove each tray of sim card first!
The sim tray can be easily removed using the pins that were included in the accessories at the time of iPhone purchase.
The sim card does not need to be unplugged when replacing the battery, but it is a step.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 3]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 3
Decomposition of the iPhone7 will start from the place where all the screws are removed, but it will be removed from the Torx screwdriver.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 4]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 4
Since the iPhone7 is waterproof, a waterproof seal is affixed around the inside of the liquid crystal.
The tool in the image is called a heat gun, and it is not necessarily an indispensable tool though it is a tool which made the dryer strong if it says plainly.
If you are new to disassembly of the iPhone itself, you can work smoothly because the seal will be soft if you use it, but it is possible to substitute even a dryer once.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 5]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 5
Up to now, the iPhone has been to wake the LCD from the home button side to the camera side, but this iPhone7 will open the LCD so as to wake up from left to right.
First of all, the tool is inserted into the position where the spatula is located and it floats little by little, but it becomes easy to disassemble when the suction cup (orange) is used together.
If you try to cause it forcibly, the liquid crystal side will crack, or it will lead to other failures, so we will open it slowly.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 6]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 6
If you can float the liquid crystal even a little, it is good to insert a pick etc. like the image!
By doing this, the liquid crystal will not close again!

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 7]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 7
Now we will open the gap on the left side.
If you look closely at the inside of the part that could be opened, you will see a black seal or a white seal, but it will peel off regardless because it is a waterproof seal.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 8]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 8
This time, it is on the right side, but the liquid crystal is floated in the same way as before.
A little care should be taken when inserting the tool into the right side of the liquid crystal.
If you look at STEP 10, you can see that there is a wiring of the liquid crystal, so do not insert the tool too much.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 9]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 9
A waterproof seal is attached to one lap of the liquid crystal, but please pay attention only around the camera (upper part).
At the moment, I think that I was able to float the liquid crystal of the left and right slightly below, but the upper part does not decompose in the same way because the nail is caught inside, and a little knack is done.
If you pull the liquid crystal lightly in the direction of the arrow, there will be a slight gap between the main body and the liquid crystal, but when the waterproof seal comes into view, please peel off the seal in the gap.
By doing so, it is possible to wake up the LCD panel from the left side to the right side.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 10]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 10
I was able to open it, but please be careful not to break it because a lot of connectors on the liquid crystal side are connected to the logic board.
If the cable is disconnected by any chance, the touch panel may not react at all, or the screen may not be reflected even if the main unit is assembled after the battery is replaced and the power is turned on.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 11]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 11
The first decomposition to be done after opening is work to remove the battery connector from the logic board, but since it is connected under the iron plate of the image, all screws of the red circle part are removed.
Four screws of this part are not Phillips, so please be sure to use a special tool because you can not open it unless you have a Y-shaped screwdriver!
I own several Y-shaped drivers, but I couldn't take them off right away because the sizes were slightly different.
I thought that I would try to disassemble it forcefully as it is, but I am using a special tool because the risk of licking from the experience up to now was high.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 12]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 12
I was able to remove the iron plate.
I think that it is good to understand the structure of the iPhone7 once in this state.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 13]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 13
The red arrow part becomes the connector of the battery, but the connector can be removed from the logic board by lifting from the bottom to the top using the tool.
When using tools, be sure to use something that is not made of metal.
Please note that there is a possibility that it may be short-circuited if disassembled using a metal tool, and the worst iPhone may not turn on.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 14]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 14
The battery of the iPhone7 is fixed with a powerful double-sided tape to the main body, but there is an auxiliary tape to peel off the battery in the part that is enclosed in a red frame.
It is possible to turn when using a tip pointed tool such as tweezers, and it is possible to remove the battery easily by making good use of this part.
First of all, please turn all the parts that are enclosed in red waku.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 15]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 15
If you pinch the part that you just peeled off, the seal will extend, but please be careful because it will cut if you stretch it strongly.
If it breaks out by any chance, heat must be added from the back of the main body (apple mark side), and tools such as spatula should be inserted into the side and bottom of the battery so that it is removed.
It's easier to peel off the tape carefully than it is to do this, but in the end it doesn't matter which way.
Shift the tape toward the arrow.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 16]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 16
This time I will shift the tape vertically, but I think that I was able to remove the battery very easily if I could do it without cutting the tape to the end!
As is often the case, don't worry if the tape breaks off in the middle.
In that case, the work efficiency is somewhat poor, but you can remove the battery if you insert a tool such as a spatula into the side and the lower side of the battery.

[iPhone7 battery replacement, decomposition method STEP 17]

iphone7 Battery Replacement Method 17
  • Only the battery was able to be removed from the iPhone7 body.
    On the way, we remove the liquid crystal in order to make the decomposition method easy to understand, but please check there because it is open to the public in the liquid crystal exchange of iPhone7!
    I think that iPhone7 will still be a new model, so I do not think that it will be replaced by the deterioration of the battery, but if the battery has broken down due to submersion, etc., it is a procedure that becomes effective.
  • If you prepare your own battery, be sure to use the thing with the PSE mark!



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