[iPhone submerged] the use of rice and desiccant is absolutely useless!It will not work.

What would you do if your iPhone was submerged?
The information on the Internet has many advantages and disadvantages, but the title of the information is something that should never be used, such as rice or desiccant (silica gel).

IPhone repair professionals do not use rice, desiccant (silica gel, etc.).

We have written this article in order to let you know that it will make it more severe than now by doing the wrong coping method though various rumors using rice and desiccant have been preceded.
There was previously wrong information about medical care on the Internet, but this iPhone was fixed with rice and desiccant!I feel that the wrong information is similar.

The iPhone is submerged!What about important data?

Isn't it data that you think first of all when your iPhone is submerged?
IPhone is different from the terminal such as android because it is not possible to insert such as SD card, it is in the NAND that is on the logic board with respect to the data.
NAND of the iPhone can not be easily removed because it is soldered to the logic board, but in the case of a terminal such as android, data can be retracted for the time being just by removing it so that it can be moved to the SD card.
In the case of iPhone, it is necessary to be careful because the data will be lost easily if you do not deal with it before the logic board is completely broken.

If it is submerged and the power is lost, it is highly recommended that you consult your nearest iPhone repair shop.

Instead of using rice or desiccant and taking it to the repair shop, take it with you doing nothing.


What should I do if my iPhone is submerged?

Toilets, baths, and the sea are often submerged.
There is a limited-time place with respect to the sea, but the most difficult thing about submerged repair is the case that it was unexpectedly submerged in the sea.
Because the sea contains a lot of salt, rust is easy to turn.
In addition, although sea bathing is basically summer, this evaporation and drying are the most important enemy to submerged because it is also the time when moisture evaporates easily in summer.
If you go ahead with the conclusion, if you have submerged your iPhone, do not dry it without doing anything.
Of course, it is also NG to rush into the rice.
A common information on the Internet is that "I fixed it with rice and desiccant!"It may be quite miraculous, or you may have been hit by symptoms that you did if you didn't turn on the power afterwards.

The iPhone has gotten wet a little as a pattern that will cause submerged, but Dobon!It is necessary to take appropriate measures because there are many cases where the whole is submerged.
So if you have submerged the entire iPhone, we recommend that you consult a repair shop near you immediately.

It is a solution that anyone can do, but it is recommended to put it in a ziplock that is common at home if it is submerged by any chance.
There is a role not to evaporate the moisture that has entered the inside of the iPhone by putting it in the zip lock, but if you leave it as it is without doing anything, the moisture will evaporate without permission.
As I mentioned earlier, the base will corrode and rust will turn by evaporation, so even if the ziplock can not be prepared immediately, it is possible to substitute it with a supermarket bag.
There is a lot of information about rice and dried materials, but it is not a problem to use them after appropriate action (decomposition investigation, cleaning, repair), but please be careful because it is wrong to use rice and desiccant without doing anything.


Repair costs if the iPhone is submerged

Since almost all parts will be wet with water when the iPhone is completely submerged, there is a thing that can not be fixed just by cleaning the inside cleanly.
First of all, please look at the image.
It is the place where I open the iPhone6 which has been submerged, but there are water droplets in some places.
The red part becomes a submerged sensor, but this part is originally white.
The part with the apple mark is a battery, but you can also see that there are still a few drops of water on the top of the battery.

iphone submerged



It is a state in which only the logic board is removed to make the iPhone all the barracks.
Now there are iPhone repair shops all over the country, but I think that any store is in this state if you bring it in with submerged repair.
Even if you think that it is not submerged with the naked eye, it is often that rust turns when you check the base with a reality microscope, etc., so whether you can cure this is a show place of the arm of the repair shop.

You may feel that you only need to replace the screen if the screen is no longer visible after submerged, but in fact, this (logic board) is more important.
Because the data of the iPhone is embedded in the logic board, data recovery is also difficult if the logic board is not fixed.
If you say it clearly, you can not sync with iTunes even if you connect it to a computer.

iphone logic board



In addition, the logic board was disassembled, but there was liquid contamination even inside the iron plate.
If you look closely at the red circle, can you see that it is becoming whitish?
It is about white because it is not completely dry yet, but when this is completely dry, it turns into blue rust.
In addition, when time passes, it changes from blue rust to tea rust and does not completely energize.
I think that there are many things that rust when you see the guardrail and the iron near you, but it rusts when the acid dries with iron.

iphone6 submerged



If the iPhone is submerged, it is a game with time!

I was allowed to describe in detail about the submersion of the iPhone above, but if you are submerged is really a game with time.
If you bring it to the repair shop on the day of the submergence, the recovery rate is 80% or more, after one day is about 60%, after 2 days is 40%, after 3 days, is it said that 30% or less?
This is a case of being close to water as much as possible, such as a toilet or bath, and in the case of seawater, I think that it is a place such as the recovery rate of about half of the above.
Please note that if you have been submerged in the sea bathing, it is better to consult the nearest iPhone repair shop before returning to your hometown!

As an aside, an acquaintance of mine went on a trip to Hawaii for about a week, but on the first day he put his iPhone in his seawater pants and went into the sea.
Of course, i noticed it immediately and went up to land, but I took measures in the way I was teaching at the time of emergency.
Turn off the power immediately, wash the iPhone itself with tap water of the faucet and put it in a ziplock and return to Japan.
I was able to bring an iPhone that was submerged immediately after returning to Japan, but I can't just talk to you after I return to Japan!It was decided that.

When I tried to disassemble it, it was not completely dry, and it was still wet.
It was about a week after I was submerged, but Ziplock.
Even if it is wrong, there is no act of thrusting into the desiccant or rice.

There are probably thousands of phone books, lines, photos, etc., so I was more concerned about data than fixing my iPhone.
As far as the investigation, battery failure, liquid crystal failure is determined, the foundation may be managed!I thought, I went into repair by trial and error.
I was able to take out the data in the collection, but when it comes to total repair, it becomes quite expensive, and I only take out the data because it is safe to buy a used work of normal moving work.
If you are backing up with iCloud or iTunes, you can return the data even if submerged, but if you do not take a backup at all it is a matter of life and death.
Because no one can predict when the submersion will occur, it is better to take the backup at least once a month for the breakdown.

About the warranty after the submerged repair at the iPhone repair shop

This place is quite important.
IPhone repair shops are increasing due to rising right shoulders, but there are shops that are resistant to submerged repairs, weak shops.
I think that there are many people who search using iPhone or PC when looking for a repair shop, but we recommend that you check the repair results of the shop (especially submerged repair, base repair).
About 90% of iPhone failureists are liquid crystal cracks and glass cracks, but with regard to this content, it is a level that even honest beginners can remember in one day, so repair shops are increasing in the right shoulder rise.
So, I think that it is possible to fix it without problems in the nearest store about liquid crystal cracking and glass cracking, but please think that submerged repair is completely different.

I think that it understands if there is a thing that I have brought it to the repair shop by submerged, but it often costs the investigation even if it is not possible to repair it.
Even if the submerged repair is successful, it is better to check where the repair was done firmly!
If the dobon and iPhone are submerged, the liquid crystal and the dock connector are also soaked in water, so there is usually a sequelae due to submersion later.
So that will be a problem of the warranty range.
I think that the warranty range is probably taking the form of only the part that was repaired in any repair shop, but by any chance only the base was cleaned and the repair was completed safely!Because it is possible enough that the liquid crystal was damaged later even if it thought.
In addition, the range that can be investigated in the store that performs the submerged repair in one hour and the store that takes two or three hours is different, but the repair shop is real if the iPhone can be used without any problems for one year from the second half of the year.