iPhone4s battery replacement method and disassembly method All 6 strokes

How to repair and disassemble when the iPhone4s battery is fast and inflated

iPhone4s battery replacement decomposition procedure If you can't charge, if you don't have a battery, etc.

[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 1]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 1It is a decomposition method that is effective, such as when the battery of the iPhone4s has become bad or does not turn on.
If the power does not turn on and it does not improve even if the battery is replaced, there is a possibility of other failures, so in that case, it is necessary to investigate each part.
[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 2]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 2First of all, the screw of the red circle part is removed, but because it is fixed with a special screw called a pentabebe, I use a pentabeberobe driver.
It is not easy to buy in the home center, but it is possible to purchase cheaply, such as Amazon.
In addition, all disassembly of the iPhone4s requires this task.
[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 3]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 3If you can remove the screw of the previous, you can slide the back of the main body (apple mark side).
You can only slide slightly in the direction of the arrow, but if you stop on the slide, you can remove it by lifting it up.
[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 4]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 4Next, the connector connecting the battery and the logic board is removed, but there is a screw in the red frame part, so it will be removed.
[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 5]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 5If you can remove the screw of the previous, you will be able to remove the iron play.
When the screw is removed, you can remove the connector by lifting it from the bottom to the top.
[iPhone4s Battery Replacement STEP 6]
iPhone4s Battery Replacement Method 6Since the battery is fixed with double-sided tape to the main body side, you can remove the battery if you try to use a spatula.
Be sure to use the same ampere and voltage for the battery to be replaced.If you install something different by mistake, it may be shorted.


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