can iQOS 3 MULTI disassembly repair?Immediately verified!

We purchased the new iQOS 3 MULTI, which was released today (11/15/2018), and verified whether it can be disassembled.
On the official iQOS website, we have been waiting for two weeks because the number of orders is quite large, but for some reason iQOS 3 MULTI has arrived in Kuroneko Yamato after 9:00 a.m. on the release date.
If it was available at this timing, even if it did not line up with iQOS SHOP, I think that it was able to get it at a fairly early stage.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 1]

I opened the box immediately and checked the bundle, but there was a tool to clean the main body, power supply, USB-C.
The first thing I felt when I didn't actually pick up the iQOS 3 MULTI body was "light".
Up to now iQOS has been a pocket charger, but there was a weight of two because the stick is set, but there is an impression that it is about half in the sense when comparing the weight with each in hand.
I think that it became very convenient to carry it because it was considerably light even if I put it in the pocket if this.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 2]

I inserted a heat stick immediately.
When the power is turned on, the LED lights up and flashes, but it is the same light condition as the previous iQOS.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 3]

This is a state seen from above, but it has a lid unlike iQOS up to now.
The lid is spring-loaded and closes when the heat stick is not stuck.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 4]

The method of removing the heat stick was able to be easily removed by lifting the boundary of the power lamp upward as shown in the image.
I think that a big improvement has been made in this part, but when I lifted it up because it was a magnet type, it came to return to the bottom by the power of the magnet.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 5]

As it is, when I looked into the middle of removing the lid of the upper part, I could see the holder part of the iQOS until now.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 6]

The gray one is the item to clean.
Until now, iQOS has been cleaned with a brush, but the cleaning tool of this iQOS 3 MULTI does not have a brush, it is only jagged plastic, it has become a cleaning with this jagged.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 7]

The charging has been changed to USB-C, unlike the previous iQOS.
I think this area was good because my main power supply is USB-C.
I was able to charge it other than USB-C of genuine product as the image.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 8]

It was a previous iQOS to replace the battery when the charge of iQOS became bad, but in the case of this iQOS 3 MULTI, we will verify whether the battery can be replaced.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 9]

There is no gap as far as the side side is seen.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 10]

This is the charging part (USB-C), but there is no gap where the tool can be put.
Still, there is a gap, but I judged it to be very dangerous because it might be short-circuited to insert an iron tool into this part.


[iQOS 3 MULTI Decomposition, Verification and Repair 11]

There is no gap in the opposite side as well.
The part called the gap is about the power supply part.
The left side of the power supply part referred to in the image, I tried to pull out by force to the right side, but there was no sign that it would come off easily.
If you want to break open forcely, do you want to hammer out the charging part (USB-C) with a tool, or cut the part holding by hand with a sander.



I think that the person who disassembles iQOS 3 MULTI in the future will probably be the one who tries to replace the battery (battery) by oneself, but i felt that it is better to put it out to repair (regular store) or use the guarantee considering the price of the main body.
This time it was not until the internal disassembly, but I think that the battery (battery) is probably fixed to the base with a solder.
The previous iQOS battery alone (compatible product) was able to be purchased for about 1000 yen on the Internet, but i can not recommend it because it is actually quite dangerous work.