FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement, PC Repair

If the hard disk breaks down, there is a possibility that data will be lost, or the PC will not be able to be used as a personal computer, such as not starting.
I will publish the decomposition method because I think that it becomes a reference for the person who thinks about the preventive exchange before the hard disk fails and the hard disk is broken and the replacement.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 1]

Be sure to prioritize removing the battery before removing the hard disk.
Be careful because there is a risk of shorting if you disassemble without removing the battery.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 2]

The battery is on the back of the main unit, but you can easily remove it yourself, but slide the knob to the one with the key open as shown in the image.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 3]

I'll slide the knob as well.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 4]

I think that it was possible to remove it easily if I grasped the battery as it is and made it slide.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 5]

Since the hard disk is placed in this cover, I will remove the cover first.
Since it is fastened with a screw as shown in the image, let's remove two screws using a Phillips screwdriver.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 6]

I was able to remove the back cover.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 7]

Since the hard disk itself is not screwed, you can pull it out if you slide it as it is.


[FRONTIER FRNX520/D Hard Disk Replacement 8]

The hard disk could be removed.
The hard disk used is 2.5 inches, SATA standard, but it is easy to obtain parts because it is the hard disk that is used most.
You can replace it with exactly the same as the original hard disk, or you can change it to an SSD.
You can expect speed up by replacing it with an SSD!