About the data when the Nintendo Switch is repaired

If the Nintendo Switch fails, most people will consider using Nintendo's repair service to repair the Switch.

However, it is important to note the handling of data such as save data.

Even if you put it out to repair to cure the Switch that has broken down, if the data of the game that you have worked hard so far disappears, you will hesitate to repair it, right?

So this time, I will introduce the data when the Switch is repaired.

If your Switch is broken and you're thinking of putting it out for repair, check before you put it out for repair.


In the case of official repair service, data does not remain, so be careful.

Nintendo provides repair services for those whose products they manufacture and sell have failed.

In other words, it is the official repair service of the manufacturer.

However, when using this manufacturer's official repair service, you should be careful about handling save data.

As far as checking the official website, "I try to return it while leaving as much as possible", but the aircraft of the corner is prohibited.


Why does the data disappear when i request a repair with an official repair service?

There are a variety of reasons why save games will disappear when you send them to repair.

Sometimes the data disappears when the product is broken, or the data may not be able to be retrieved well.

Also, there is no data left when replacing devices or parts that fall under memory.

For these reasons, in rare cases, the data may be returned with the data left, but in most cases the save data is gone.


If you want to repair with data left, it is recommended to ask a professional repair agent for repair.

Even if the repair is complete disused and the game can be played, there will be a lot of people who say that it makes no sense if the save game disappears.

Therefore, what I would like to recommend to such a person is not an official repair service but a repair service by a professional contractor.

There are a lot of companies that repair Switch, but those companies only repair broken parts.

Therefore, data such as save data remains intact as long as the part where the data is accumulated is not broken.

So, if you want to repair while leaving data such as save data, it can be said that it is better to use the repair service by a professional supplier.


If you want to be prepared, you should take advantage of Nintendo Switch Online's Save Data Service

I have explained that there is a high possibility that it is likely to be able to repair in a state of leaving important data such as save data by using the repair service by a professional trader, but even though it is a repair service by a professional contractor no matter how much, If the part where the data is accumulated is broken, there is nothing we can do about it.

So, if you want to be prepared for such an emergency, use Nintendo Switch Online's Save Game Storage service.

Nintendo Switch Online's Save Game Storage service stores data on the cloud, so it doesn't affect the damage to the portion of the data stored.



You can deal with the loss of saved data by using Nintendo Switch Online's "Save Game Deposit" service.

So, please consider joining by all means.

Also, if you have already broken Switch and are considering repair, it is more likely that you will be able to repair it while leaving the data if you ask a professional supplier, so we recommend that you consider this as well.